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Cadinot - Harem (Sex Bazaar) 1984 vintage ISO DVD9
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One of Cadinot's most famous features is available here in .ISO format so you can make your own dvd.  Although shot in '84, this film clearly shows why Cadinot is a living legend!  The dvd also includes a bonus thirty minute film Garçons de Plage as well as slideshows & previews of other Cadinot films. Vintage porn from the master, a timeless classic!

1. Djaï Kamara
Omar fucks Djaï in a sauna.
2. In the sauna a threesome are going at it. Dark Sidney and even darker Mickaël eye skinny Pierre-Yves. While Mickaël sneeks a suck under Pierre's towel, Pierre plays with Sidney's cock. In a pair of chain sucking acts Michaël is on Pierre is on Sidney, Pierre is on Michaël is on Sidney. Finally Pierre get's his ass fucked by Sidney as Michaël look on.
3. Pierre sees Oman, tries to catch him but can't. Pierre goes into a store and the clerk immediately starts to have at him. He fucks Pierre standing and bends him backwards to french-kiss him at the same time. Pierre takes a pounding from the dark brown dick.
4. When the clerk is done with him he calls in a black guy who briefly fucks him with his ebony tool until they both cum.
5. Pierre goes into another shop. Looking through a rack of clothes his sees Luigi DiComo taking another black cock up his ass.
6. Pierre is getting all hot and bothered by the action so when Luigi is done Pierre jumps on the black guy, sucks on the thick pointy cock and then gets his cherry reemed with it until Mongo cums on his ass.
7. Pierre shops in a clothing store a tries on some Morrocan pants. The dark skinned sales clerk pulls the pants down and then proceed to fuck the the hell out of his customer slamming his dick painfully in ass and mouth. Pierre takes it bent over, lying down and sitting on it. After Pierre comes with the dark brown cock inside him, the clerk cums in Pierre's open mouth and the hot liquid spills out and runs down Pierre's face and neck.
8. Just as Pierre comes out of the store, Oualid Dejal accosts him dragging him into a store. As if Pierre's ass hasn't had enough, Oualid fucks him hard again until they both cum.
9. In his tight little white shorts, Pierre goes to another sauna where he meets two dark and one light skinned hairy fellow with personal needs. Pierre does most of the servicing taking it in both ends from several combinations. The three come with Pierre lying on the floor, covering his face in white goo.
10. Pierre and Omar meet on the streets and then go seas for a naked swim, playing with each other in the water. They retreat to a bedroom where Pierre gets fucked one more time.
Cast: Abdel Aziz, Arnaud Monastier, Djaï Kamara, Luigi di Como, Marek Rotsmann
Mickaël Dickson, Mongo N'Gazza, Omar Salam, Oualid Djelal, Pierre-Yves Darget,
Sidney MacKenna

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