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Family Dick - My Troubled Teen Ch 4 - Respecting the Family Patriarch (1080p)
Released March 8, 2019

Featuring Tristan Hunter & Sean Duran

Chapter 4 - Respecting the Family Patriarch

Tristan has been going through a rough patch again, and his stepdad is worried.
The angsty teen has been smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and living a lifestyle that is hurting the people around him.

So he enlists the help of a pervy disciplanarian to tie the boy up and help teach him a lesson once and for all.

They throw the kid in a van, and his muscular stepdaddy shoves his veiny cock into the wayward twunk's mouth, teaching him to respect his elders.
Then, he strokes the boy's dick while he slides up and down his fat pole, worshiping every inch of it.

Finally, he unloads a gooey load in the boy's hungry mouth, topping off his punishment with some cum. That'll teach him to behave!
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