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Next Door - Frisky Boyfriends (2018)
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4 scenes, 1080p mkvs

director Rocco Fallon

Bridger Watts
Dalton Briggs
Damien Hyde
Jimmy Clay
Johnny Riley
Markie More
Quentin Gainz
Roman Todd

Damien Hyde puts his hand on Johnny Riley's leg and his touch reassures Johnny, and also reminds him of how much fun they used to have. Roman Todd and Quentin Gainz are just out by the pool enjoying a little R'n'R, soaking up some rays, taking a quick dip, horsing around- all standard fare- until a game of grab ass gets a little too heated. Jimmy Clay and Bridger Watts are chilling at home watching the game but something keeps distracting them from the TV. Markie More makes the comment “these are great for staying in bed and just fucking the afternoon away”, and Dalton Briggs confesses that he hasn't had sex in a while.

1 Best Friend Reunion - Johnny Riley, Damien Hyde

2 Playful Buddies - Quentin Gainz, Roman Todd

3 Bro Game - Jimmy Clay, Bridger Watts

4 Rain Delay - Markie More, Dalton Briggs
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