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Jet Set Men - Sleepers
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Sleepers introducing new Jet Men Exclusive Brett Summers with Exclusives Kris Jamieson and Zachary Perry. Sleepers is a very stylized movie that showcases the classic fantasy that so many guys have of secretly blowing your buddy while he sleeps. If you make through the first seduction without blowing your load while sexy blond Jet Set Men Exclusive Brett Summers seduces his hung bed buddy Hayden Richards then you'll be treated to seeing what happens when Hayden wakes up while Brett is blowing him. This true fantasy film takes its time giving you the titillating gay porn set-up you secretly desire. Starring Three Jet Set Men Exclusives, Zachary Perry, Kris Jamieson and Brett Summers with Hayden Richards, Mike DeMarko, Joe Clark, Chase Young and Kyle Quinn.


Hung stud Hayden Richards looks so sexy when in his tight white underwear that newcomer Brett Summers can't possibly keep his hands to himself. The tall blond dream boat slowly makes his way down Hayden's underwear until he softly reveals his rock hard perfect cock. Brett can't get enough of Hayden's throbbing rock hard cock. Hayden's reaction shows Brett is an amazing cock sucker working over his dick like a pro. The pair continue making sweet love in the middle of the night till both studs bust their hot creamy loads.


Kris Jamieson is laying next to hunky Joe Clark when Joe decides he wants to know what Kris's hot cock tastes like. Kris sports a full hard on so Joe has some fun slipping Kris's hard dick out of his tighty whities and sucking him off. Kris slips out of his underwear and rolls over with his ass up inviting Joe to rim his hot ass. Joe softly rims Kris's sweet hole in his sweet spot. It's obvious the stud is loving his hot rim job so Joe slips his own hard cock out of his underwear so the stud can get it in his mouth. The pair continue with Kris fucking Joe's hot ass till he blows his load while getting fucked hard!


Chase Young and Kyle Quinn are bunk bed buddies but obviously Chase is more interested in checking out Kyle's big fat dick poking up in his underwear than he is in getting some sleep. Sweet but not-so-innocent Chase slips Kyle's big thick cock out of his underwear and works it up to a throbbing hard on. He strokes his own cock at the same time then decides he's ready to suck Kyle off. Chase's dick sucking really gets Kyle going and the pair take turns rimming each other's hot pink buttholes. Kyle can't get enough of Chase's bubble butt so he mounts his hot ass doggie style and fucks him hard. Chase returns the favor showing that he's more than just a hot boy with a bubble butt, he's got a hot hard cock and he knows how to fuck too. This pair goes non-stop!


Jet Set Exclusive Zachary Perry sleeps next to super-hung stud Mike DeMarko. Zach spies Mike's thick juicy cock in his tight white underwear and finds it all to tempting to just look at. Zack slowly works up Mike's erection to it's full glory. Mike's cock is so big Zach can barely get it in his mouth while the stud sleeps. The feeling of Zach's lips bring Mike out of his slumber and pleasantly awakens to give Zach the full experience of his nine inch cock in both ends.

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