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Spritzz - Twink breeding session (Cedric & Evan)

Twink breeding session
Duration: 15:08 min | Released: May 1, 2019

No movie released in the last hundred years could possibly be more entertaining than a hard length of uncut bareback teen cock, but it seems these two horny friends know it. Cedric and Evan are quickly abandoning the notion of working through a collection of top twenty movies when the offer of dick is made, the boys are soon making out and revealing their uncut teen dicks. Cute boy Cedric is quickly in control, feeding his hungry friend his hard boner, drooling precum into his mouth, playing with the boy's tight little hole and aiming his naked bareback Latino boy cock at his friend's snug little pucker. He eases inside, fucking his friend from behind with long strokes while Evan savors the sensation and wanks himself off, enjoying the feel of his buddy's bare length prodding his prostate. Flipped onto his back Evan gets it even deeper, moaning and groaning while Cedric uses his hole for his own raw pleasure, finally pulling out and splashing the boy's taint and ass with his fresh cum, fucking his juices right back into his friend's well-used pucker.

Cast: Cedric, Evan
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