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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Omer Turkan - SPANKING
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Release date: 07 May 2019

Omer Turkan is a very hot guy. He has a beautiful ass as we see when, blndfolded,gagged and shackled, he kneels on the bed. His tormentor starts to feel that sexy ass, spreading the cheeks to really show the hairy hole. The hands start to spank on those hot ass cheeks making Omer moan loudly. His jockstrap is wedged up into that hot ass crack as the heavy hands spank on those sexy cheeks. Omer's moaning continues as a crop is used on that hot ass too. The crop handle hits into the ass crack too. Then the ass is spanked ,ore and his cock and balls are released from the jock strap. A whip is then used on that sexy ass too before the heavy hands spank some more. Omer's cock is pulled and wanked a little too. Then oil is dripped onto his sexy ass and a toy is rubbed up and down his ass crack. The blindfold is off as the toy pushes against Omer's tight hole. He bites on his gag as the toy fucks into his hot, hairy, hole. That hole is fucked deep by the toy. Then it is removed and the hot ass is spanked hard. That toy shoves back into the hole as Omer moans. It fucks deep inside pulling on the ass lips as it fucks in and out. With the toy held in his ass the cheeks are spanked hard. The ass cheeks color nicely as the toy is removed and the spanking continues with hand and crop. With the gag removed Omer is turned on his shoulders, legs over his head to really expose his ass. His face grimaces as the toy is shoved into that hole again. It fucks all the way in. That hot hole takes the toy and holds it in as the cheeks are spanked hard. The toy comes out so the hot hole can be inspected. Then it is fucked back into that ass once more. After more spanking the ass cheeks are pulled hard apart to open up that hot fuck hole. Then Omer is allowed to lay on his back as his cock is wanked. That cock gets very hard and soon the cum flows. The first spurts land on the pillow by his right ear and then on his neck. The cum is milked from his cock to complete a great scene.
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