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Titan Men - Daddy Meat
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If you like your Daddy Meat thick and juicy you've come to the right place! Seven hardcore scenes of the very best in hot, hairy TitanMen Daddies fill up this best-of series disk. Hand-picked scenes by Bruce Cam and Brian Mills feature the most iconic Daddies in the TitanMen vault: Arpad Miklos, Ray Dragon, Mike Roberts, Dred Scott, Dean Flynn and more! Over 2 hours of the hottest hairy and hung daddies fucking, sucking and rimming their way right into your hearts. A true collector’s item for the connoisseur of masculine, muscular and hairy men.

Stud Farm -- Michael Ray & Ray Stone

When Michael tells Ray, "Choke on it!" he's not exaggerating. These seriously hot and hairy brawlers are an incredible match, cumming once, then taking turns riding each other's burly, double-wide cocks 'til they both explode all over again.

Woodsmen -- Ray Dragon & Jon Galt

Ray Dragon and Jon Galt fiercely growl, wrestle and even do a little nestling. With Ray's thick, rock-hard cock bucking wildly in his rapidly constricting hole, Jon can't help shooting. But instead of stopping there, Jon spreads his legs and begs for more. And he gets it, in a fierce and ferocious ride that leaves the musk-drenched pair covered in buckets of jizz and salty sweat.

Boiler -- Arpad Miklos & Viktor Banda

Massive, hairy-chested Arpad Miklos comes to the boiler room to check on devastatingly handsome Victor Banda, and both quickly dive into a torrid scene of hot, sweaty, mansex. Arpad fucks Victor's hot mouth until he shoots a huge load of cum onto Victor's well-defined chest. Arpad bends over to kiss and finger-fuck Victor as Victor strokes his dick and shoots a load of jizz onto his hairy six-pack.

Victor rides Arpad, squatting on the table with his legs on either side of Arpad's muscular thighs, his own stiff dick banging back and forth as Arpad crams his dick into his tight chute from beneath. Victor and Arpad kiss as they switch positions; Victor flips on his back with one hairy muscular leg over Arpad's thick shoulders and the other around his waist while the table rocks back and forth with each of Arpad’s penetrating cock thrusts. Victor shoots a volley of cum and Arpad grunts and groans with overwhelming pleasure as he sends a stream of hot spunk flying all over Victor's balls and abs.

Chapters -- Mike Roberts & Dean Coulter

Roberts is big. Beefy. Hairy all over. He's thick and hard from head to toe -- Just the way Dean Coulter likes 'em. Roberts yanks off Coulter's jock and pulls off his own shorts. Roberts stuffs his heavy nuts into Coulter's mouth, pulls them out. Roberts rolls Coulter onto his belly, working two fingers into his beautiful ass, jacking Coulter's stiff prick with his other hand. Roberts is ready to fuck. Sinking that big daddy cock of his all the way in, he fucks that pretty round butt like an artist. From above, behind, and underneath, Roberts plows away at Coulter's round butt. Roberts pulls out his dick and replaces it with a fat, thick dildo. He squats over Coulter's face, slapping away at the dildo in his ass until Coulter shoots a load onto his thigh. Coulter takes a seat on Roberts face while he beats that uncut dick of his, hollering and sweating as he cums all over his tight, furry gut.

Slammer -- Jake Marshall & Raul Tasco

In their cell, Raul Tasco wraps his arms around cellmate Jake Marshall while Marshall works his underarms, fuzzy chest and huge, uncut and rock-hard cock. The two savor each other's thick, well-muscled bodies, having the fiery sort of sex two men in a relationship have. Each spurts a hefty load onto the other's body and fondly licks it off. Hunched over a grimy toilet, they obligingly take turns fucking each other until, while riding Tasco's cock, Marshall milks his hard, flopping dick to a combustible second climax.

Shacked Up -- Arpad Miklos & Dean Flynn

TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn finds himself in the arms of tall, dark and handsome Arpad Miklos. Arpad's massive uncut cock deserves to be worshiped, and Dean gives it the respect that it warrants, pulling on the foreskin carefully with his lips in between gasping lunges to the hairy base. Not to be outdone, Arpad gives Dean's long cock equally attentive service with the back of his throat. Dean gets on his back to receive Arpad's first load; Arpad stands over him and sprays a shower of man juice down upon him from above. Dean coats himself with his own load and between the two studs' giant loads, Dean's ripping abs and furry chest are glistening with a voluminous amount of cum.

Dean assumes the position on all fours in order to present his ass to Arpad, who strokes Dean's cock from behind as he drills into his ass with his probing tongue. Dean writhes in pleasure and pain as Arpad enters him from behind. A series of jaw-dropping close-up shots shows Arpad's remarkable muscular control as he pulls his cock all the way out of Dean, exposing his gaping pink hole only to bury his bone all the way back into him. It only takes a few of those super-thrusts at this point to make Dean shoot his load. Arpad quickly follows suit.

Gorge -- Ray Dragon & Dred Scott

Their beards intertwine, and they kiss deeply. Ray sinks to his knees, engulfing Dred's arching cock in his mouth, slathering the swollen cockhead with thick spit and gagging as it hits the depths of his throat. When he spits on his own cock, Dred quickly kneels to suck up the man's dripping saliva. But Dred needs a man's deeper tastes, and sinks his face into Ray's moist and hairy ass. This tight and juicy holy spot sends Dred over the edge, and with his balls buried in ray's mouth, he shoots high and hard. Then he runs his hands through the matted hair on Ray's heaving chest as his partner is wracked with his own gut-busting orgasm. When Ray opens his eyes, Dred is gone, and his brush with the timeless is over.
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