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GrowlBoys - Lost Boys - Chapter 2 - Stranger Danger Part 1
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Lost Boys - Chapter 2 - Stranger Danger Part 1

Opening up his collection of hookup apps, Tommy swiped through the grids of torsos, beards, and locker-room selfies. It was more of a habit than a hunt, but he was surprised to feel his device vibrate, demanding his full attention.
A handsome, scruffy, beefy man sent him a friendly “Hey there!” Tommy was taken with his smile and playful eyes, interested to see what he was looking for. His profile name was “Horned Daddy,” but he said his name was Bishop. After a couple hours of friendly banter, reciprocal picture exchanges, Tommy felt himself inspired to take advantage of his time and his youth. He quickly showered, brushed his teeth, and headed out the door, ready to find his new friend’s place.
Now, no longer in the comfort of his apartment, he breathlessly made his way to the handsome stranger’s home. Coming up to the address given, he saw an old brownstone, clearly older than the newer developments that flanked it on either side. Walking up the exterior steps, his heart began to race, feeling the threshold moment approach him: the moment when he could choose to return to his safe space or take a chance on a new and exciting experience.
Tommy pressed his finger to the buzzer, feeling his neck heat up and his heart push his chest forward. He didn’t know why he was nervous–-it wasn’t his first time going to a stranger’s home. But something about him seemed different. He was kind, funny, flirty, but real. He felt an eagerness to be with the man on his phone more than he’d felt in a long time. As he tried to silence his nerves, the door opened, and Bishop stood broad in its frame.
As soon as he saw him, he felt a flush come over his body. It was a warm sensation that started in his lungs and spread out through to his fingers and toes. It was heady. It took him off guard, forcing him to take a second before he followed Bishop inside.
Tommy was led into his beautiful home. Even through his sudden, disorienting haze, he was able to take in the details of the space. It was full of vintage items, antiques, and heirlooms. He’d never seen someone live so settled. In his transient, young adult life, he was used to dwellings full of disposable, Ikea pieces and revolving-door roommate hand-me-downs. It felt very comfortable, very secure. This was man. Not a boy, lost in the world. Someone settled in his life.
This intimidated Tommy somewhat, but also was incredibly appealing and attractive. He was turned on not by his photos, but in person, Bishop was so much more. Bulging muscles and movie-star good looks aside, Bishop was a total catch! It was then that he understood what his nervousness was: a crush! He didn’t just want to fuck him, he also really liked him!
Bishop and he spoke for a long time, talking about their backgrounds, history, favorite movies and shows, all the while sitting on different sides of a plush couch in the older man’s living room. Tommy found himself moving closer and closer to him, little by little with each hand gesture or response to a question. It was subconscious, a response to an intense pull from Bishop. Something that made him want to be closer.
…And Tommy swore Bishop smelled incredible. He couldn’t discern what it was. Not cologne, not deodorant. No product or fragrance. It wasn’t even a musk. It was somehow stronger, but more subtle. It was something that made him breathe every breath fully, filling his lungs to capture whatever it was into him, to make it part of him. Ever exhale felt like a loss, but only for a second before he filled his chest again.
Bishop’s eyes locked on his when he spoke, making the entire ornate room seemingly drift away. It seemed like they were apart from time and space, connected and bonded on a metaphysical level. Tommy knew this was insane. They’d just met! He knew better than to put his heart out there like that. Nevertheless, he found himself strangely desperate for him.
Bishop placed a hand on Tommy’s knee as he laughed at a clever joke the young man made–a touch that seemed to bring their conversation to an abrupt halt. That small contact, so small but so intimate, stirred something up in Tommy. His haziness, his focus, his lust–it built now to overflow beyond what his body could handle. He couldn’t wait anymore. He needed him. He wanted him. And Bishop’s look back to him seemed to return that feeling.
Their pleasant manner seemed to be thrown off as easily as their clothes, leaving them naked to their animal lust and desire. Tommy wasn’t usually so bold. He was known for being timid and shy, needing to be carefully courted before jumping hard into a strange man’s bed. But Bishop had a power over him that was unlike anything else. Was it a crush? They’d just met. And yet, Tommy felt a hunger for him that felt like he’d waited his entire life.
Bishop led Tommy into another room, away from their clothes and their more modest identities. Tommy’s body felt like it was coursing with a fuel of intense sexual power. And as he kissed and touched Bishop’s body, a match was lit and a fire burned deep within…
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