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Tyler Reed Pack - Seven videos from Breed Me Raw
Tyler Reed Pack of seven Breed Me Raw videos

1. Beef on Beef. Sounds like a hot sandwich. Actually its Tyler Reed fucking Justin Jameson. Justin gives up his big beefy ass to Tyler to bareback in this whole scene of just ass fucking. Tyler starts off by putting Justin in a sling with his big beefy legs up and manhole waiting to get plowed. After opening him up nicely and stretching that hole he puts him on the table face down and does his signature power fuck really making Justin moan as 260lbs of muscle beef is on his back and a thick raw cock is in his hole! Now that is how you fuck a muscle bottom!

2. Alpha-male power top Tyler Reed thought cocky slut-bottom Dylan Saunders needed to be taught a lesson and he wanted to be the one to do the teaching. From the start, there's no holding back as Tyler rams his cock into Dylan's hole and aggressively takes the well-used hole without hesitation. Saunders can taunt the towering top only so long before he's gripping the bed sheets, begging for the load he thinks he deserves. But Tyler makes the eager bottom work for it, and work he does as he thrusts his ass cheeks back onto Reed's pole, wanting a load deep inside his ass. And what Dylan wants, he gets!
3. Tyler Reed barebacks and breeds Sullivan who's an AMAZING asian muscle boy bottom...Sullivan takes Tyler's cock and a convertible..NICE  Sullivan also appears in ass breeding 101...which is an equally hot breeding session between Sullivan & Tyler...

4. Finally we find someone who is almost as tall as Tyler Reed - Kevin Fuuq - our first Asian boy on this site. At 6'3" this dude is one tall Asian! Kevin, with his chiseled body with smooth pecs and ass makes for one hot fuck. Tyler starts by face fucking Kevin deep and getting him used to his thick cock. Kevin can't get enough of his juicy meat and before you know it is bent over with his Asian ass up in the air ready to get barebacked. Filming in a small room with all these lights makes Tyler dripping with sweat. Watching the sweat drip off his muscled body as he barebacks Kevin is fucking hot. When Tyler is finished using Kevin's hole he breeds it deep to mark his territory before letting him go!

5. Tyler Reed and Pete Littleton.  Like your men in leather? How about submissive leather bottom boys? Pete Littleton make his first appearance in leather while servicing his big leather daddy Tyler. Tyler is wearing his harness so Pete has something to hang onto while he fucks the crap out of this little boy.

6. Marcos Mateo and Santiago Rodriguez were a perfect match in body size. Both were 5’5" muscle boys and Santiago was smooth and tattooed and Marcos was hairy. Problem was they were both more bottom. Santiago was eager to please so got on his knees and starting cock sucking Marcos’s uncut boy cock then got on his back and let Marcos open him up and bareback his Latin hole. Although he was doing a good job the camera man, Tyler Reed, was not impressed and handed the camera over to his assistant and made both Marcos and Santiago suck him and get his cock ready. Tyler then put both of them on their stomachs and power fucked both of their slut hole showing them how to fuck a hole. That is what both of these bottoms wanted in the first place!

7. Tyler and Danny are busy making noise with some sloppy kissing and deep-throat dick sucking. But when masculine bareback top Tyler buries his face deep in Danny’s crack, everyone’s bound to get all drippy with pre-cum whether you like to be on top or on the bottom. Watching Tyler and Danny have bareback sex is vaguely reminiscent of watching a couple of pigs rutting. It’s deep, hard, and rough. How Danny manages to get plugged, pumped and slammed repeatedly by Tyler is beyond comprehension. We’re just glad he does. Apparently Tyler is too. He breeds the Latin bottom’s hole and leaves a beautifully thick, hefty load in a creampie.
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