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NakedSword - Dream Team
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STARS: Christian Wilde, Colby Keller, Connor Maguire, Duncan Black, Tate Ryder, Tommy Defendi, Topher DiMaggio and Tyler Alexander.

SCENE 1 (33:37): Tommy Defendi & Colby Keller
SCENE 2 (18:12): Tate Ryder & Topher DiMaggio
SCENE 3 (26:25): Christian Wilde & Duncan Black
SCENE 4 (26:45): Connor Maguire & Tyler Alexander

There are porn stars and then there are superstars. NakedSword takes eight of the hottest men in porn and spit-shines them to a high-gloss! NakedSword's Dream Team brings together porn's biggest cover models for a fashion-forward centerfold of style and sex. And while they may look sharp in runway couture, these guys are way too horny to keep their clothes on for very long. In the heat of the photographer's flash, the guys show that they're more than pretty faces and that true beauty runs balls deep. So shut down that blurry video of skid-row amateurs and give it up for some real sex stars - NakedSword's Dream Team!
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