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Catalina - The Chase Is On
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Chase Hunter, Donnie Russo, Greg Ross, Mark West, Steve Maverick, Tony Styles, Tyler Scott

The boxcover alone is enough to make any red-blooded man get a full fucking hard-on. Chase Hunter, he of the huge piece, ripped hairy abs and retro mustache in tight fitting jean cut-offs... someone hand me a Kleenex.

Chase plays a "fantasy man" who infiltrates men's dreams (shades of real life, no doubt). Flick starts off with Greg Ross watching an old porn 70's-era porn flick (looks good, too!). The action cuts from there to several scenes, the best of which has Chase partnered up with nasty pig daddy Donnie Russo in a battle of the mustaches and huge fucking cocks.

As always, Chi Chi makes great use of set design (the porn loop is a classic), the cast and even the music in this one ain't half bad. Real draw here is Chase, looking and acting every bit the hunk stud that he is. Woof.
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