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A Young Man's World (2000) Delta DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Kevin Clarke

Adam Bristol
Antonio Madiera
Ashton Ryan
Court Logan
Dave Parker
Jace Hughes
Joe Landon
Jonathan Prescott
Justin Roxx
Trent Sebastian
Zach Rhodes
N Barry Knight
N Derrick Stanton
N Kevin Clarke
N Ron Aron
N Russell Moore

A Young Man's World has a title that truly correlates with the content of the dvd! Director Kevin Clarke has brought humour to a subject so many men (and women) are bitter about: Youth - or lack thereof. The dvd opens up with a group of over the hill guys celebrating one of their birthdays. They've invited a few local twinkies to join the festivities. After cake, the twinks scamper off to play in the pool as the older men watch with envy from the patio. They share stories of when they were young, and that's where the sex happens. The first scene has to be one of the best, as two boys play piano. They tire of it soon, and decide they want to play other instruments instead. All of a sudden, they're in the backyard butt-naked, on an inflatable mattress. Just before the surprise ending, and saving the best for last, there's a hot threesome featuring gifted Joe Landon, Adam Bristol and Dave Parker. Sexy, comical, and so true. Strongly recommended for fans of plot and twinks.
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