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Title: Smooth Moves
Runtime: 84 minutes
Stars: Khanaen, Polasan, Pakorn, Chaow, Pitak, Saktip, Non
Director: John Hayman

Description: Khanaen spots hunky Polasan polishing his tda-gaw skills and wanders up for some instruction. Soon, the two are sweating sexily and Khanaen drags his discovery home for a shower. Well, that’s where things start anyway, as they paw, suck, and screw away the afternoon. Thunder-dick Pakorn is abusing himself with some porn while his boyfriend Chaow is showering. Before you can say, "I’m coming" he does, just in time for the irate lover to catch him with cum on his belly. Feeling cheated Chaow licks up the love-juice and demands Pakorn service his needs anyway. Hmmm. Will that dick really go up that ass? Pitak is looking for just the right potted plant for his room when Saktip wanders up to admire the, well, foliage. But once inside a comparison of greenery to dick sizes ensues and demands verification. These cute guys know what they are doing. Lots of "Smooth Moves" here.

Sex Acts: Anal Sex, Rim Job, Oral Sex, Fondling, Showering/Bathing, Male On Male Action, Blowjob, Masturbation, Multiple Pops, Toe Sucking
Positions: Missionary, Laying, Doggy Style, Standing Doggy Style, Side Saddle, Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Side Saddle, Sitting, Kneeling
Settings: Shower, Bedroom, Living Room

2257 Compliance
Movie Title: Smooth Moves
Production date: 2006--06-02
Studio: Island Caprice Studios

Custodian Of Records Information:
Island Caprice
711 E. Walnut St. Suite 211
Pasadena, CA
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