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Gay Short53 - Morning After 2017
ChocolateSame Sex KissImaginationLongtime FriendImplied Orgy
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Michael (Thomas Vallieres) just came home after two years of travelling abroad. His long time friend, Edward (Kristian Hodko) invited some of his (Edward) friends as a sort of Welcome Home intimate party. When they started playing spin the chocolate box wherein the guesser who is blindfolded will guess the flavor of the chocolate through kissing. This is where Michael started to realize his sexual fluidity.

If you have read the storyline and compared it to the actual film, there are some errors, like Michael and Teegan are not lovers, It's the first time they have met on that night. Also, Alex and Edward are not lovers. and of course the threesome which never actually happened. Watch this and you will get my point.
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