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GrabAss - CPR cock sucking and naked ping pong
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Welcome to another day in paradise at the Grab Ass offices. My one coworker was just trying to get some work done when our dick head boss decided to motivate him….by having him lick his cock. Well, just the tip. That’s great motivation to quit where I come from. We tried to do a CPR class, but again, our boss decided to take things to far. He replaced the CPR dummy. He bought one without a head and a huge cock. Mouth to cock resuscitation wasn’t in any of the training material we received. I was going to make copies on Friday, but our copy machine was broke. Our boss needed to make copies of his dick and balls for the office. Thanks, boss. At least he didn’t try jerking me off by the copy machine. We’re a pretty loose office environment, we have a ping pong table that we goof around with sometimes. When the boss wanted naked ping pong, a few of my coworkers ended up playing naked twister with him on top of the table. You can’t even file a TPS report around here without running into a cock in this place.

Cast: Adam Bryant, Unknown, Unknown
Date Added: Aug 16, 2016
Length: 50 minutes
Studio: GrabAss
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