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Waterboyy - The Series (Thailand, EngSubs) Episode 2 of 14
SchoolYouthSportsSwimmingSlow RomanceMultiple CouplesGay CharacterLesbian Character
Waii is the most popular member and captain of the Ocean College swimming club. He has a difficult relationship with his father who is also the team’s coach. But the swim team hasn't won any medals for the school in a long time and it will be shut down if they don't start winning soon. Arpo (or Apo) is the latest swimmer to join the club.

The "Mapping Relationship" chart shows the different characters and their relationships with each other.

The Rector of the University gives the Coach 2 months to prove the swimming team is a worth keeping, because Wan takes pictures for the Student Council that make it look like the team is full of bullies. But Wan also seems to have her own agenda. The young Fan club leader sees more than he expected, and Waii and Apo have an unexpectedly close moment.....
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