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William Higgins - Petr Ztraceny - EROTIC SOLO
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Released 26 August 2019

Petr Ztraceny is aged 22 and lives in Prague. He is a worker who enjoys sports, fitness and MMA. He looks very good as he sits on the side on the bed and does his interview. This good looking str8 guy hasn't actually had sex yet, as he informs us. Then he starts to feel his body through his clothes. He soon removes his tee shirt to show off a very fit looking chest. Petr feels all over the sexy chest, and then flexes his biceps too. He rubs those big biceps as he flexes. Then he reaches inside his open shorts to grope his cock. Laying back on the bed he pulls the cock out of his shorts and wanks it. Petr pushes the shorts down and continues wanking his cock. Then he lifts his legs to show off his feet and his sexy ass. The ass cheeks are parted well to show off his hairy hole too. Petr reaches for his ass and spreads the cheeks wide apart to really show off that hole. That hole opens up nicely, gaping as he pulls on the ass cheeks. Then Petr kneels and beds over the side of the bed show off that ass again. He sits up and takes hold of his cock again. Wanking that cock Petr keeps going until he shoots his hot cum. Then he milks the cock dry before going off to the shower.
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