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NextDoorMale - Brandon Monroe
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Meet Brandon Monroe. At 30 years old, this guy doesn't look a day past 25, with his hairy chest and facial stubble. Oh, did we mention he has a fat cock too?

Brandon is an exhibitionist, so being in front of the camera for you, the members, is quite the excitement for him.

For his first NextDoorMale scene ever, Brandon begins his stroke fest while kicking back on the couch in our living room. He slowly undresses and teases himself before taking out his fat cock that he jerks and caresses.

When it's time to get some fresh air, Brandon takes a walk outside, where he finds a comfortable lounge chair on the deck which is perfect for masturbation and humping.

Not wanting to blow his load just yet, Brandon then makes himself at home on a wooden bench under a nearby tree. This is where the dark haired hunk tenses up and lets his balls explode in creamy goodness all over his stomach.

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