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Permanent Green Light (2018) 1080p BD25 AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-Flocke
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Permanent Green Light (2018 )
1h 31min | Drama | 7th May 2019 (USA Blu-ray) (New Release)

Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English, Spanish (optional)
Directors: Dennis Cooper, Zac Farley
Writers: Dennis Cooper, Zac Farley
Stars: Benjamin Sulpice, Théo Cholbi, O.B. De Alessi, Julien Fayeulle, Sylvain Delcoitre, Milo Riquart..
IMDb: 6.0/10 (51)

Acclaimed American writer Dennis Cooper is famous for his novels, poems and short stories full of violent, drug-fueled queer characters and explicit fantasies of sexual violence. Permanent Green Light, co-directed with visual artist Zac Farley, looks like a friendlier version of his literary universe but preserves its inner and subversive tension: a young French man wants to blow himself up in public, without any clear reason.

The film builds an idiosyncratic world of seemingly detached boys and abstract suburban areas. Cooper and Farley are more focused on their confused emotions than ideology, translating their death wish into quirky and sensual situations. It's a fascinating work on the beauty and danger of youth, and true to Copper's observation of filmmaker Robert Bresson used in his novel Try: "The thing that matters is not what actors show me but what they hide from me and, above all, what they do not suspect is in them."

One inspiration for the new film Permanent Green Light was an Australian teen who ran away from home in 2014, joined ISIS, and wound up on a suicide bombing mission where he (luckily) failed (and only managed to explode himself). That’s heavy subject matter, but we’ve come to expect nothing less Dennis Cooper.

A celebrated novelist, poet, performance artist and critic, Cooper has been delivering a wide variety intelligent, deeply affecting work for decades – usually exploring queer characters and dark themes in ways that always subvert expectations. Now he’s continuing his controversial explorations through film.

John Waters called Like Cattle Towards Glow, Cooper’s debut feature co-directed by Zac Farley, “a real French tickler for the fucked-up literary set.” Experimental vignettes that offer up complex, intimate, strangely serene, wide-ranging and always challenging exploration of sexual desire as a hiding place. It’s explicit and often deliberately confounding, difficult to erase from your mind once you’ve seen the images captured. With Permanent Green Light, their latest collaboration, they maintain their almost other-worldly style, but tell a more straight-forward story. Unlike other teenagers, Roman (Benjamin Sulpice) doesn’t seem interested in sports or drugs, girls or boys. He’s neither nihilist, religious, depressive or suicidal. His goal is to vanish, dying is unimportant and he’s interested in the act’s spectacular effect. “But please, don’t misinterpret it as a death.”

It's coming to Blu-ray at TLAGAY on 7th May 2019.
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Plot Keywords: French, Suburban, Gay Teenagers, Sexual Desire..

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