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Active Duty - Jordan & Stefan (2001)
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Bring in the Reinforcements
After the fuck session with me, Jordan he is all worked up about getting fucked again. The entire weekend we go through pics of guys until he finds the one he wants. Stefan is hot little Army boy with a trashy side to him. I call him up and he heads right over. It's very clear from the first moment these two lay eyes on one another that the chemistry is there...they want each other something fierce. They start out sitting on the couch as Jordan pulls his monster cock out of the side of his shorts again, teasing Stefan and slapping it against his stomach. In a swift motion he pulls Stefan's mouth down to his cock and starts feeding the monster to him slowly and moaning. Stefan is loving this fat dick and sucking it like a pro. The two then get in a 69 position with Jordan standing on the couch over Stefan's face and feeding him his ass while he jerks and sucks Stefan's hard, fat prick. It's magic between these two, but Jordan still wants a cock in his ass. Finally, Stefan mounts Jordan from behind and starts plowing his tight boy hole, giving him what he has wanted all weekend. Jordan strokes his dick to the rhythm of Stefan's pounding cock in his ass and talks dirty to Stefan while he slams his cock deep inside him. Jordan then decides that he wants to ride the cock so he straddles Stefan's stiff dick and rides it for a short while then, excited beyond control, Jordan blows a huge wad of spunk all over himself. Stefan wonders if he can handle the monster cock in his own ass and Jordan gets it hard again and squeezes on a condom. Stefan manages to get about half of Jordan's cock inside him before he too blows his load all over the place.  

Soldiers: Jordan Sage, Stefan
Date: 09/01/2001
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