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Hunter (2016) NTSC DVD5
Jack FalaheeLove TriangleGay TeenagerSexual AwakeningGay SexMysteryDrifterBurgeoning DesireComing of AgeComing OutBisexualFriendshipRomanceMale NudityConverting Straight Men


Two friends vie for the attention of a stranger who passes out at their doorstep.

Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: English (optional)
Director: Ian Samplin
Writer: Ian Samplin
Stars: Jack Falahee, Giles Matthey, Ella Hatamian..
Runtime: 1h 28min
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Romance
DVD release: 2016 (Ariztical Entertainment)
Original release: 2013 (festivals)
IMDb: 4.7/10 (187)

Huge Jack Falahee fan (HTGAWM)

Plot Keywords:
Love Triangle, Teenage, Sexual Awakening, Male Nudity, Gay Sex, Mystery, Drifter, Burgeoning Desire, Coming of Age, Coming Out, Bisexual, Friendship, Romance, Converting Straight Men

Movie Info:
After a drunken night, Gavin and Amy return home to their East Village apartment to find a young man passed out on the front steps. They reluctantly agree to let him into their home. Over the course of the weekend they both vie for the attention of this mysterious and attractive young man. Their intrigue grows with everything they learn about him and Gavin quickly longs to become more intimate with the drifter.

A thoughtful and intelligent indie that follows one young man who is coming to accept his burgeoning homosexuality - even if it means the demise of his straight relationship.

Giles Matthey, who plays the attractive, mysterious drifter that arrives to shake things up, is positively adorable. We would fall pretty hard for him too.

All three leads - Jack Falahee (also easy on the eyes), Ella Hatamian and Giles Matthey - turn in excellent performances. They're mature beyond their years.

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