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Hotboys - Emmanuell part 5 - FINAL
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We came in the last part of the series, Emmanuell. After days gone by, R20BX reappears at the beach house of Emmanuel and Captain Descevely to search for him.
Emmanuell's friend who was still in the house, appears in the room and faces with R20BX, who was waiting for the Captain and Emmanuel to talk privately. The crewman soon showed interest and invited him to a "little joke" and of course, the friend accepted.
Meanwhile on the ship, the other crewmembers are already subject to actions of the R20BX crew member and seeing that he was about to have sex again, came down from the space horny and went into bitching.
And so they began a delicious orgy with many enjoyments of pleasure. But like all that is good by little, the Captain ordered that all go away and thus an experience was finished, leaving Emmanuell full of desire.


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