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Beefcake Hunter - Leo - Edging straight Chicago daddy
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Beefcake Leo is a sexy daddy from Chicago that recently moved to BCH vicinity, nice! How lucky are we, right? He is already working as a Security Guard but obviously all this moving thing and starting in a new place implies extra expenses. That is why Leo adventured to take our offer to be serviced by my eager mouth. At first, he was very nervous, even before I turned the lights on, he was having second thoughts, he was very uneasy. So, I told him to not to do it if this would be such a big deal for him, but he refused to leave and challenged himself to stay calm and enjoy the experience, good for us! That is how this Edging straight Chicago daddy video was possible! Even after the first minutes of the cameras rolling, he was still a little anxious, he was even sweating profoundly, poor thing! It took a couple of jokes and laughs to get him relaxed. He could not help laughing about me sneaking his shoes lol and he is not the first one that gave me those looks when I am doing that ?? Surprisingly what was in store for me under those pants, was a beautiful and amazingly hard cock, ready to be serviced with some expertise. It looks that Beefcake Leo has been lacking the proper attention to his dick, and here we are, years of experience working on Edging straight Chicago daddy. His reactions are priceless, his reactions remind me so much old flame Beefcake Charlie, and what about his features, he also reminds me of Beefcake Prince a lot! What do you think Hunters? Lol I played dumb when I asked him: Do you want to cum? Hellooooo! Obviously, he has been never serviced like that and his balls were full, ready to release at any moment. After all, he wanted to give us a longer show, and he did everything to stop an early orgasm, and I really appreciate that, but of course I was intrigued to watching him cum those 3 or 4 days out, and what amazing cum-shot he gave us! I hope you guys enjoy this video Edging straight Chicago daddy!
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