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DirtyTony - Liam Santiago & Dayton O'Connor
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Dayton is very interested in Liam's stripping career. He's also interested in knowing what it feels like to get the hell fucked out of him by the 6 foot 1 Latino. He breaks the ice by asking Liam to show him some of his exercise routine. Liam always loves the opportunity to show off his body for guys or girls. While Liam is down on the ground demonstrating his pushup strength, Dayton starts grabbing his crotch and getting ever more turned on by the slab of muscle he's watching work out. When they sit back down on the couch, Liam's crotch is practically in Dayton's face. Always an opportunist, Dayton begins caressing the firm pecs and giant arms that are the size of his face. He leans in and kisses the smooth, tan skin and works his way lower to Liam's bulging crotch. Kneeling between his legs, Dayton lowers his sweats and unveils the thick curvature of Liam's uncut impaler. Dayton opens his mouth wide, and cloaks it in the moist warmth of his mouth and throat. As he slobbers on the giant piece of manhood, he spends a little extra time at the tip, savoring the foreskin and licking the inside of it. Now that Dayton has it nice and wet, he's ready to use his other hole to sheath Liam's pound stick. He stands, then squats over Liam's stiffness before guiding it into his puckered sphincter. Riding him like a cowboy, Dayton spits on his hand and lubes up his own stiff cock, stroking it furiously while getting his ass jammed full. Dayton is getting a good leg work out and decides to lay back and let Liam do some of the work. The bronco of a man takes to his task and begins to rail Dayton, whose legs are spread wide open to receive his pounding. Next Dayton is ready to get it from behind. He stands while Liam approaches from his rear, stuffing his yam of a cock into the gap between Dayton's cheeks. As he's having the living daylights fucked out him, Dayton moans that he's going to cum before spraying his semen over the hardwood floors below. Like a good boy, he gets down and licks up his mess while Liam looks on, jerking his cock. Still hungry, he kneels in front of Liam, waiting for the uncut monster to unload it's reward of thick jizz. Dayton catches it on his outstretched tongue and gulps each drop voraciously.
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