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Life After Ex (2018 / English / USA | [Mp4])
Life After Ex

Director & Writer: Jim Fields

Nick Knipe ... Dylan Holm
Spencer Wolfe ... Steve
Robert Saladee ... Dylan's Father
Jax Barkhaus ... Ray Holm
Kristy Olson ... Dylan's Mother
Zachariah Barrientos ... Brandon
Stephanie Elrod ... Bookstore Manager
Daniel Selby ... Paul
Douglas Schwarte ... Mark
Ben Gothier ... Lawyer
Anthony Holmes ... Anthony
Dani Cleveland ... Destiny
Eric Lawson ... Cameron
Chuck Martens ... Maitre D
Heather Horst ... Jessie The Waitress

Life After Ex is a new romantic comedy about searching for love after a gay divorce. Set in the months before the Supreme Court ruled to legalize same sex marriage nation-wide, Dylan Holm must put his life back together after his partner leaves him. However, Dylan is unable to file for a divorce, even though he and his partner were legally married in Iowa, because the state of Nebraska never recognized their marriage. Because of this, Dylan must move to Council Bluffs, Iowa, for a year to establish residency so he can file for divorce there. As Dylan begins to put his life back together and finds a new boyfriend, the Supreme Court rules to make same sex marriage legal all across the U.S.A. Now, Dylan is free to file for a gay divorce and remarry, but things aren't what they seem, and once the truth is revealed, Dylan is finally able to find happiness and true love at last.


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