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ChaosMen - 2208 - Jerome & Vander Raw (720p)
Release date: November 9, 2018

Video Number: 2208

I wanted to put these two pros together ever since I discovered how great Jerome's energy and enthusiasm for guy-on-guy sex.

Ok, so maybe I wanted to see Vander's cock open Jerome's hole nice and wide, seeing if he could take it.

Added bonus was seeing Jerome succeed at blowing Vander's fat cock. Jerome practically had to unlatch his jaw to swallow his cock.

These two go at it with hungry passion. From sucking to rimming, these two seem to keep trying to out pleasure each other!

And Vander does manage to get all of his cock inside of Jerome. Jerome looks a little pained to start with, but it soon turns to ecstasy.

Next Jerome tops Vander, fucking him doggie-style so he could really pound him.

He flips him on his back and breeds his hole perfectly. Feeling fully loaded, Vander easily blows his load!
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