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Waterboyy - The Series (Thailand, EngSubs) Episode 9 of 14
SchoolYouthSportsSwimmingSlow RomanceMultiple CouplesGay CharacterLesbian Character
Waii is the most popular member and captain of the Ocean College swimming club. He has a difficult relationship with his father who is also the team’s coach. But the swim team hasn't won any medals for the school in a long time and it will be shut down if they don't start winning soon. Arpo (or Apo) is the latest swimmer to join the club.

The "Mapping Relationship" chart shows the different characters and their relationships with each other.

The Rector wants to close the club immediately, but Captain Waii asks if they can keep running the club, but without using any University money. He agrees to let them try.
Fah tells Namkheng that he isn't really chasing her, he has just been saying what Pan asked him to say.

Waii and Apo share a head-in-lap, hand-in-hand moment trying to figure out what to do.
Coach Mai tells Wan that she's the other woman - Min's ex - but she's leaving.
Min and Put compete in a little contest at the pool.

After Fah reveals the poor state of the club's finances, Apo suggests the club put on a play as a fund-raiser. But Apo needs Kan as the leading man, so the Rector will approve the project, and Kan will also promote it.

Apo and Waii have another moment together while the team considers how to vote. Should the team support the play, or their friend Waii, who doesn't like Kan. When put to the vote, nobody agrees to do it, for Waii's sake, then he votes to go ahead with the play, and the team follows his vote. Straight after the vote, Kan arrives. Waii asks Apo how he knew he'd vote for the play, and he replies that he had faith in his Captain.
Min and Wan have a talk about his ex, Coach Mai.

The play the boys are doing is revealed, and parts allocated.

Fay makes a poster for the event, but Waii had already asked Apo to do one. Apo's poster is chosen. Fay tells Apo that's he's won this time, but he won't next time.

Nhamkeng stages a scene between Fah and Pan, to force Pan to admit she likes Nhamkeng.

Kluay and Archi are having a bit of fun together when the homophobic boys turn up again. They try to drag Archi away, and Kluay attacks them and saves him. They tell him to watch his back....

The boys are rehearsing in their costumes, Waii thinks that it is going well. Apo says he should chat to Kan, but it's too much, too soon, so Apo asks Kan for patience.
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