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ChaosMen- Vander Bareback Pack 1 (Full 1080p)
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This pack contains 5 Full HD 1080p Bareback video's which I was going to post separately like I have been; due to some requests, I have now on putting them in folders. Hope you like this better than single files.

Second Pack is Here:

Details of video's are:

CM1313 Jeremy Ace & Vander RAW

Release date: December 6, 2013

Video Number: 1313 Running Time: 23 Mins (Approx)

I believe this is Jeremy's first time fucking a dude. He sure acted like this was going to be a stretch for him. It is pretty much a one-sided type of video.

That's fine for Vander. He just works Jeremy completely over and blithely takes charge while Jeremy looks rather uncomfortable, though Jeremy thoroughly enjoys having his dick sucked, and his uncertainty changes to amazement.

Vander switches from sucking his cock to eating his ass, getting himself turned on and ready to sit on Jeremy's long cock. He climbs on top and slides it right in, milking his cock with his ass.  We even get some nice Ass to Mouth action, Vander's favorite.

Jeremy fucks the cum out of Vander, then dumps his load into Vander's open mouth.

CM1394 Sage & Vander RAW

Release date: April 4, 2014

Video Number: 1394 Running Time: 28 Mins (Approx)

Sage was actually very excited to return and do more. I kept getting the feeling he might be more into guys then he let on, but never could get him to come out and say it. Mostly I think he doesn't like where he is living, really loved Austin, and was also eager to make some money. But there a few moments where I was thinking he might really be into it.

After watching this video, you will see he wasn't quite there. He does seem to like to have his body worshiped, and LOVES having his cock sucked. The first 15 minutes of this video fly by. Vander is loving having some armpits to lick.

But the fucking was a challenge. He tends to fuck like jack-hammer, which while is a nice change, it does make it hard for us to get in there and see what is happening. He was struggling to stay hard. The actual fucking a dude part threw him. A couple times he is pushing rope.

We finally stopped for an hour. He was cold and took a hot shower and we picked up where we left off. He cleared his head and focused, and you can really tell the difference midway through the fucking portion of this video.

Vander as usual, is a joy to work with and actually stops a couple times to suck his cock back to life. Sage does actually fuck the cum out of him, leaving Vander quite happy.

Sage has such a domineering "Suck my cock and eat my load" vibe about him, that we opted for a facial. After all the work it took to get him in the zone to fuck, he literally shoots his load in under a minute. We when setup to shoot that part, we all thought we were in for a long haul for the ramp-up, but I do believe making Vander eat his load put him over the top super fast.

Vander tongues and then swallows the entire load. GULP!

CM1395 Braxton & Vander RAW

Release date: May 2, 2014

Video Number: 1395 Running Time: 31 Mins

Braxton just keeps pushing his limits. He had seen Vander on the website and knew he was in for a mouthful. I made sure to tell him to do some jaw-stretching exercises before the shoot!

And he was definitely into Vander's cock once he sees it. Fascinated! Braxton got pretty piggy with it. So different then his tentative first time with Wren.

There were four of us on the set, me, Vander, and Ransom, and the three of us agreed that Braxton must be an amazing guy to have sex with in bed. Just kind of watch how attentive he is to his partner. Reaching down to stroke his cock, give him a kiss at the right time. It is not even a subtle thing, it is just flat out obvious he is trying to please his partner.

He is also a lot better at getting his ass rimmed. Vander did some 'hotdog in a bun' on him and we were soooo close to having it go in! Frustrating I am sure, but I think he might have been mad if we pushed in too far. But he sure looks like he wanted it!!!

Braxton does prefer to top, and he is a great at it. He was always keeping Vander hard, reaching back and stroking his cock at just the right time.

This was Vander's second day in a row filming. He is in school and now I only have holidays to work with him so we pack a lot into a couple days. But he was ready to go, and I do believe he got a crush on Braxton. He is totally crushable. A super nice guy, up-beat personality, and just a joy to be around.

Despite getting fucked unmercifully for hours the day before, he busted his nut quickly while looking up at Braxton's amazing face as he slid his cock deep into him.

As for Braxton, he now gives Glenn a run for the money in the Spasming Cock showcase. He busts one nut on his hole, then pushes his cock in a bit, then you see his cock spasm and jerk as he fills Vander, pumping his load into him!

Fucking amazing!

CM1447 Cooper Reed & Vander & Wren TagTeam RAW

Release date: August 22, 2014

Video Number: 1447 Running Time: 36 Mins

Ever since Cooper Reed came to work with Team Chaos, I had been wanting to put him with Vander. The two have such great energy, and I knew they would hit-it-off. I knew Cooper could certainly bottom for Vander, he is always one to take one for the team, but Vander is actually not a good Top when the guy is just getting through it. Cooper could take it for sure, but I think he would be gritting his teeth the entire time.

Enter Wren, who can take just about any cock, and usually doesn't bone-up until one is deep inside him. I knew Wren would love to have Vander's cock inside him, and that would keep Vander hard and with Cooper fucking him at the same time, Vander would be in heaven!

Vander starts-off between the guys, his massive cock already hard as both guys take turn kissing him. Cooper and Vander have a total make-out session while Wren starts trying to deep throat Vander's cock. Cooper then slides down to help Wren tackle Vander's knob, trying his best to get as much in his mouth as he can. Wren climbs up then feeds Vander his cock. Vander is loving having a cock in his mouth while being sucked-off!

Cooper climbs on up and feeds his cock to Vander and starts kissing Wren. Vander tries to get both cocks into his mouth at the same time, but ends up mostly sucking each cock in turn, keeping both guys hard.

Vander lays on his back while Wren sits on his face, but also paying attention to Wren's cock. Cooper starts lubing up Vander's hole with his tongue, getting him ready to be fucked. Wren spins around and works Vander's cock while Cooper tongue's his hole.

But Wren is eager to get fucked, so he spins backs around to let Cooper fuck him. Vander is in the perfect position to not only suck his Wren's dick, but lick Cooper's cock as it slides in and out of Wren's hole!

After fucking Wren, Cooper lifts Vander's ankles in to the air and begins pounding his hole. Wren sucks on Vander's cock, getting a close-up view of the cock sliding into Vander. Finally, Wren sits down on Vander's cock while Cooper Fucks Vander. I am sure Vander was loving that sensation!

A whole bunch of crazy other positions go on, including some daisy chain fucking., but the ending is of course the best!

Wren cums first as Vander fucks him on his back. Cooper cums next, his load dropping on to Vander's cock as it goes in and out of Wren's hole. Cooper spins around and gives Vander an ass to lick to help put in the perfect mindset to cum, filling Wren with his load.

Vander roll Wren's cummy ass in the air, and both Cooper and Vander lick the cum from his hole, sharing the cum between them!

CM1471 Palmer & Vander & Zarek TagTeam RAW

Release date: October 31, 2014

Video Number: 1471 Running Time: 37 Mins

A lot of "firsts" in this video.

All the guys are super easy going with their limits. Both Vander and Zarek bottom in this video, leaving Palmer Top Dog. He might not have made too much of a fuss, but after seeing both Vander and Zarek's cocks, he was just fine topping the entire video. He stays rock hard the entire video, so he performs awesome.

What I like is all the guys were down to kiss, suck, rim, share cocks back-and-forth and just really just got piggy with it. Zarek is still very passive, and both Palmer and Vander liked using all his holes.

Some of the highlights are watching Vander and Palmer share sucking Zarek's cocks and hole, then kissing each other.

I do believe some of the "firsts" would be some actual Double Penetration of Vander, as well as some nice daisy chain fucking, although Vander's balls tend to block the view of his cock firmly embedded in Zarek's hole. Vander is also real good at cleaning Palmer's cock after it has been inside Zarek, so Ass to Mouth fans should be real happy. I tried to chase the camera and not cut away, as for some reason the audience is so suspicious of camera trickery.

For the ending I wanted to make sure all the bases were covered. Palmer fucks Vander till he nuts, then Zarek gives Vander an open-mouthed facial. Palmer has struggled to always nail his creampie, so we just let him fuck Vander until he cums. If you love internal cum shots, you will really like this one! He has his cock buried deep, and pulls out with cum spilling out of Vander's hole, and a few last squirts of Palmer's cock!

Lot's of amazing energy and talking on this super long video, so you don't want to miss this one!

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