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Cocky Boys - Boys To Adore Galore (2014)
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director Jake Jaxson, Frankie V.

Bravo Delta
Cameron (cbs)
Dillon Rossi
Frankie V. (cbs)
GoGo Harder
J.D. Phoenix
J.P. Dubois
Jett Black
Levi Karter
Max Ryder
Ricky Roman
Sam Barclay

Boys to Adore Galore contains five genre-busting shorts from CockyBoys' first-annual Porn Haus Film Fest. Written and directed in various styles, these films have redefined the portrayal of porn in the modern era. With odes to Andy Warhol, self-discoveries in strange cities, and various forms of self-gratification, the anthology Boys to Adore Galore is nothing but the reinvention of the exploration of male sexuality today.

1. Boys to Adore Galore
Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, J.D. Phoenix, Jett Black, Levi Karter, Max Ryder, Ricky Roman

2. Frankie & Cameron Make Love!
Cameron (cbs), Frankie V. (cbs)

3. Go, Gogo, Go!
GoGo Harder, J.P. Dubois, Sam Barclay

4. Penetralia
Bravo Delta solo

5. Variations
Frankie V. (cbs) solo

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