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BoyNapped - Using The Little Cock Slut Part 1 & 2 - Alex Faux & Sean Taylor
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Part 1 - Using The Little Cock Slut Part 1: Sean is prepared for a good session of twink ownership when he brings smooth little Alex into the play area. The boy is bound by the hands and naked, just how Sean likes them, but he's soon roped up even more when he's put on the floor ready for some face fucking. Sean gets mean quick, fucking the boy's mouth and spitting in his face, moving Alex around to really give him some deep throat mouth slamming. Just when you think his cum load might be ready to squirt the devious dom takes a little break to pour molten wax all over the lad and make him cry out in agony! With round two of cock sucking done Sean is ready to jerk out his load all over the cute lad, feeding him some of his cream before unleashing his piss all over the boy too! And to think this is only the start of a three-part 4K endurance challenge for the boy, can he cope with part two?
1920x1080p, 4700kbps,  24fps,  Duration: 16:16

Part 2 - Using The Little Cock Slut Part 2: After being face fucked and drenched with cum and piss in part one, Alex has to endure more in this 4K sequel! Evan after cumming and pissing all over Alex in part one of this three-part 4K session Sean isn't anywhere close to done. His cock is still raging and wet while he hoists the boy up so he's standing on one leg, and soon blindfolded. Alex can do little more than moan and whimper as chav lad Sean slaps his cock around, making it leak pre, sucking the lad and wanking him off, frotting their big boners together. Still throbbing, Sean gets into position behind the twink, easing his raging erection up his tight little hole, fucking him hard and mean while relentlessly rubbing the boy's cock! Alex is loving it, after a little break for some more cock pleasing from his master he endures a second round of butt fucking action, until his cock can't hold back. He spews his creamy juice out of his dick, his moans of pain and bliss echoing around the large space. Sean's cock is still hard when he slips out of that used hole, he's clearly not done yet!
1920x1080p,  4500kbps,  24fps,  Duration: 19:53
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