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RaunchyBastards #181 - Pervin on Two 18 Year Olds
Actors: Jack Lowe, Mason Ridge, Clay
Studio: RaunchyBastards
Release Year: 2018
Duration: 54:57

This perv scene is fucking epic. Probably one of the highlights of my year, too. Partially because I like Jack and Mason so much, and partially because this is a perfect example of how you can take two average teenagers and turn them into nasty, raunchy whores. All it takes is some inducements, and you gotta appeal to that yearning most guys have for a reassuring authority figure. Jack, who is still in high school, is a straight guy, but he is always on the hustle (or at least he has been since he turned 18, when his dole ran out). Mason, also 18, has a similar background but he's out of school and home, working hard to make it on his own.

Mason admittedly like guys, although he is in the closet to even his roommates. Jack, on the flip side, has been hit on by gay guys since just about forever. And who would blame them? Jack's got some very classic good looks, and a cocky attitude that I'm sure is very attractive to his peers. I have to admit that I was the first to be be extremely surprised when Jack told me that he'd get fucked for money. I was hoping for getting to rim him at best (and yes, this is the very first gay scene that Jack performed in). Once I knew he was all in, I just took it all the way further. And while we are on the subject, this is my primary complaint about all these supposed straight boy sites out there. First of all, most of the guys aren't straight, and it's obvious. I'm not ever gonna lie to you guys about this. If a guy like dick, or ass, I just plain say so. And if it's his first time with a guy, and I believe him, I'm going to say that as well. I'll even tell you if I believe him or not. (For instance, I do think Jack might have gotten his dick sucked by a guy before, but I'm pretty sure that's the extent of it). Secondly, it peeves me off seeing these so-called porn producers treating these straight guys like some expensive fucking porcelain china teacups. Begging them to be so kind as to let them get their cock sucked for wayyyyy too much money, keep on asking them if they are comfortable, trying to frame the whole scenario as some mind-opening experiment. I'm sorry, but I don't give a shit if a straight guy leaves my house donating to the HRC or not. I'm not putting a guy on a pedestal just because he says he likes pussy. Fuck him. I'm going to treat him just like all the bitches he's ever fucked. He is a piece of meat while the camera is on, and I want him to damn well know that.

With that off my chest, I'm snickering a bit, because at the conclusion of this scene, in the video Jack even says that he knows what it's like to be "the girl" now! Ha! Mission accomplished. So, in regards to the scene, everybody sucks dick, and Daddy Clay gets his dick worked on by two teens at once. Jack gets some special 69 cock sucking & rimming attention, then Jack fucks Mason, I fuck Mason, Mason Fucks Jack, I fuck Jack, then I fuck Mason again. Mason nuts, I nut in Jack's mouth, and all the while there's a lot of ass-to-mouth going on. I eat out Jack's completely blown out hole when we are done with him, and he fucking loves it (which was a surprise). I make sure that there's kissing, too, because I wanted Jack and Mason to know just how much I appreciated their presence. Great fuck sesh, overall. I hope you all enjoy watching it as I did making it.
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