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Drale is Teo's little brother, and after Teo's good times working with me, he finally got his brother to come in and do some video work.

My guess is Drale picked his his World of Warcraft as his stage name. Teo and Skot, and he were all highly addicted to the game at one time.

They don't look too much alike in the face, but geez, from the neck down they are ringers for each other. Especially their cocks! They both have the same lightening bolt scar/vein on the underside. Even the basic shape is the same.

Drale of course thinks his dick is bigger, but I dunno, they seem evenly matched to me. I am considering a side-by-side with them to compare the goods, but my guess is it would be a very goofy video as Teo and Skot's video was mostly goofiness, and you can sure tell Drale has the same humor and energy as Teo and Skot.

The other thing the two have in common is their ability to shoot massive loads!

Drale coats his front size and even hits his face with one giant glop. He even gives it a little lick for showmanship's sake.

I think Drale wants to join the ChaosMen team, so look for more of him in the future!

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