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The Best Of Tommy Haine (Part 1)
Incredibly sexy slutboy Tommy Haine is a hunky versatile lad, happy to fuck younger guys, as well as enjoying being fucked by older muscled guys and regularly displaying a true liking for kinky sex. Performing as Billy for SportLads and as Zach for Blake Mason, Tommy has a shaved head, a hot beefy body, good pecs and abs, thick strong legs, big calves and a big uncut 8-inch cock.

This home-made collection of my favorite video's he performed in, 17 scenes in total, will be uploaded in three parts. This first part shows five of his his more regular, versatile scenes with his audition for Cazzo Film, two hard-to-find video's from SportLads and Blake Mason, a very horny scene for Corolo with Ben Taylor and a scene with Dean Anderson for Seal Productions.

The second part, uploaded in a day or so, includes six scenes in which Tommy only bottoms and where he shows his more submissive side. Part three includes another six scenes in which he displays his true desire for kinky action such as barehack fucking and getting fucked and drinking piss.

Contents (Part 1):
Scene 1 - Tommy's Audition (Scene 15 from Cazzo Film - Model Check) - 4:52
Tommy's audition for Cazzo Film (modelling as Tommy Haynes). Since you can’t always trust photos alone the most interesting prospective candidates are flown in for a casting weekend to Berlin. The camera starts running immediately and if Tommy passes this first test he will be sent to the next step.

Scene 2 - Ben & Tommy (Scene 1 from Corolo - Straight Chavs Gay For Pay Part 1) - 29:57
Tall, masculine Ben Taylor buys the services of first time rentboy Tommy. He teaches him how to have gay sex. He asks: "Have you ever sucked cock before?" Despite Tommy's wide-eyed innocence he makes expert use of Ben's huge inches.

Scene 3 - Leo M & Zach Going All The Way (Clip BM-0346 from Blake Mason) - 21:29
Leo Mack finally returned from his travels and made his way down to see us for a catch-up and hot shoot! This time he decided that he wanted to get fucked and Zach G (Tommy), with his chunky uncut cock was high on his list of suitable fuck buddies! So here they are in a passionate, playful and fun video, two hot guys getting it on for real in what can only be described as totally horny action.

Scene 4 - Zac & Billy (Clip from - 34:46
Hard-to-find video with Zac fucking Tommy (modelling as Billy) with both guys playing in sportsgear. From the now defunct website.

Scene 5 - Dean & Tommy (Scene 5 from Seal - Hot Steamy Guys) - 24:25
Like all good saunas, this one has a porn cinema showing lots of horny blokes fucking. Dean Anderson and Tommy sit quietly watching the porn. But the temptation is too much and they start to play. Dean presents his arse for Tommy to lick and fuck really hard!

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