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Ricky Raunch - Seed Pumpers 2
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As Ray turns the clippers off his stiff pole pops out from his jockstrap in front of Chad's face. He licks his lips as he swallows Ray's thick shaft. Eager to show his gratitude for a job well done Chad gets on his hands and knees as he services every inch of Ray's beauty of a cock. Hungry for a taste himself, Ray puts Chad on all fours on the chair as he devours his furry ass crack. Ray straddles him from behind and slides his raw cock into Chad's twitching butt. He doesn't waste any time as he starts pumping Chad deep and hard. Ray pushes him onto the couch and fucks him doggie as he straddles his ass from behind. Ray takes a seat as Chad slides up and down on his thick pole riding him cowboy as his hungry ass crack continues to get filled and pounded deep. No one could have anticipated how the last few minutes including the climax of the scene would have happened. We won't spoil it for you…It must be seen…It can't be missed!

1. Nick Moretti + Chad Brock + Jake Norris  

Nick, Jake, and Chad are all groping one another as the camera finds this incredibility hot trio getting ready for some sweaty sex. Each takes turns on their hands and knees servicing each other's cock. Jake and Chad service Nick's huge throbbing dick together, back and forth from mouth to mouth.
Jake is bent over and made to expose his twitching raw ass. Chad and Nick take turns tag team rimming his crack as they tease it with their fingers. Chad taunts his ass as he slowly inserts the tip of his cock head into Jake's bubble butt.
Jake remains on the floor on all fours as his ass is slammed. Nick in the front, Chad in from behind, Jake is sandwiched between these raw studs much to his great pleasure. Nick grabs onto Jake's ass as he shoots his load all over his raw hole. He pushes his cum deep into his crack as he continues to shoot inside him.
Chad drops his load as he shoots his nut all over Jake's face and chest. Jake soon follows and explodes as he shoots his nut all over himself. Covered in cum and sweat, Jake cleans both cocks as all three share a swap a sloppy kiss.

2. Matt Sizemore + Ray Boy  

Ray Boy's face is buried in Matt's crotch as he eagerly devours his thick tool. He sucks and swallows his shaft with such ease much to Matt's pleasure and delight. Ray Boy bends Matt over and exposes his smooth puckered hole. He wastes no time as he licks and rims Matt's crack eagerly.
Matt shoots his nut all over Ray Boy's raw hole as he continues to breed him full. Ray Boy jerks his cock as he feels the load shooting into him. His fingers are covered in cum as his load oozes down his balls. Matt pulls his sloppy cock out his ass and the scent of his freshly shot load drives Ray Boy crazy as he cleans off the last few drops of cum left dripping. Matt licks Ray's balls and fingers as they unite, kiss and swap the taste of each other's load.

3. Tober Brandt + Parker  

Groping and kissing one another it's not long before Parker's faced is nuzzled in Tober's crotch. Craving a taste of his hard cock, Parker sucks and swallows his shaft as he gets it ready for his raw hole.
Tober pounds his hole in a variety positions. Parker moans in ecstasy as his hole loosens up for everything that Tober can nail into him. Tober fucks him nonstop until he is ready to drop his nut. He shoots his load all over Parker's gaping butt crack as he sticks his cock back into his ass and seeds his butt.
Parker wastes no time as he buries his face deep into Tober's ass to jerk himself off. Parker shoots his wad all over Tober's furry crack and then felches out his own fresh hot load. Sweaty and exhausted they kiss, hug and collapse in delight knowing what great sex they have just had with one another.

4. Ross X + Patrick O'Connor  

Ross and Patrick suck and service each other as they lick and rim in the 69 position. Patrick takes his big fat cock deep into his mouth as Ross eats and rims his smooth pink hole. Patrick is thrown up against the bedroom wall as Ross devours his twitching hole and gets it ready for a hard raw fucking.
Patrick's ass clamps down onto Ross's cock as he rides him like a bucking bronco. Ross breeds his load deep into Patrick as he is pumping him from below. Patrick strokes off his cock as he feels the warmth of the load inside him. He shoots his nut all over the floor and carpet, then leans back and shares a sweaty kiss with Ross as his cock falls out of his sloppy hole.

5. Matt Sizemore + Ray Dalton + Mason Garet  

Mason kneels down in front of Ray and Matt's bobbing cock's as he sucks and swallows each of them back forth. They grab his head as he slobbers all over their bouncing pieces of raw meat.
Mason becomes a nasty freak when both of those cock slide in and out of his with precise coordination. Deep inside him both cocks slide side by side back and forth. For those few precious moments Mason experiences pure sexual bliss as his hole is torn apart by two hot raw cocks.
Mason is pulled to the edge of the bed where Ray keeps his legs spread wide open. He watches Matt fuck him raw. Mason strokes his cock as Matt shoots and breeds his twitching hole with hot load. Ray follows behind and slides into Mason's sloppy hole. Ray fucks him with Matt's load as lube. He pulls out and shoots his nut all over Mason's hole. Just like Matt, Ray continues to breed the load into Mason's hole adding his juices to the mix. Mason explodes and shoots his wad all over himself knowing that two loads were just launched inside him.

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