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BrokeStraightBoys - Shawn Andrews' Tight Ass Pounded By Mason
Mason Woods got his solo scene done, but the real challenge comes now, when he has to see what it’s like to be with another guy, and although he’s nervous he’s ready and willing to get things started with Shawn Andrews!  After some making out, these guys slowly lose their clothes until Shawn is naked on the ground sucking Mason’s cock and playing with his own ass, and when he’s got Mason hard with his mouth he stands up, leans against the wall and lets Mason penetrate him with his raw prick.

Mason fucks Shawn against the wall and then picks him up and puts him on the bed, spreading Shawn’s legs apart and burying his bareback dick in him again as he pounds him deeper than before.  Mason fucks Shawn from so many positions, getting as much of that ass as he can as Shawn moans for more as his ass bounces with Mason’s hard thrusts, getting balls deep in that ass while these two studs get closer and closer to cumming.  When Shawn gets on his back and lets Mason top him, it’s not long until Mason’s hard cock makes Shawn nut all over himself and then sit back and watch while Mason finishes himself and cums hard!

Original upload: 16/12/2015 -matthewmancs
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