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HIS Video - New York City Pro (1982) mp4
analoralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Alan Purnell

Andy Fuller
Brian Miles
Buck Ryan
Joe Dominico
Leo Ford
Tony Peters
Alex Gordon Folies Manager

He's the biggest stud in the big apple! The Big Apple has got Leo down. He's looking for men who share his hunger for hot sex. He finds them in the form of the paperboy, some weightlifting studs, and numerous hung strangers. When all is said and done, New York City isn't such a lonely scene after all - for Leo.
Leo Ford figures if he can make it in New York, he can make it anywhere, so the West Coast's blond wonder hits the Big Apple with stars in his eyes and a permanent hardon.
Special guest stars Alex Gordon and Patrons & Staff The Follies NYC

1. Leo Ford solo, Tony Peters solo
Leo's first New York encounter is triggered when he buys a paper at a corner newsstand and sees a newsboy with a man-sized bulge in his pants. Leo imagines the darkly handsome Italian jerking off in a lockerroom while Leo watches. "I haven't cumin days," the Italian stud mutters before shooting a load into his jock strap for Leo to lick off.

2. Leo Ford, Tony Peters
Meanwhile back at the newsstand, Leo snaps back to reality and goes home with the newsboy for some real New York fucking. With Leo spreadeagle on the bed and his incredible asscheeks in the air, the stud climbs on and drives his rockhard dick to climax. Their real-life encounter ends in the bathroom where Leo shoots his load into the stud's mouth.

3. Buck Ryan, Brian Miles, Andy Fuller
In another part of the city, it's sexlife as usual at the Broadway Baths, where a muscled, tattooed hunk uses the bench press in the bath's gym. But when another young hunk comes in wearing nothing more than a pair of sweat sox, straddles the bench press and sticks his dick down the tattooed stud's throat, working out with weights is past. The baby oil comes out and that bench press is put to good use when yet a third jock enters the scene unfolding before triple-image mirrors and literally no holes are barred!

4. Andy Fuller solo, Joe Dominico nonsex, Leo Ford nonsex
Meanwhile, Leo Ford is lured in to watch a male strip show underway at the Follies strip club, and turns on to fair-haired Andy Fuller dancing with Joe Dominico. Andy passes a note to Leo inviting him to meet at a porno audition later, and then Andy goes off backstage to jerkoff the load he's built up dancing out front.

5. Leo Ford, Joe Dominico, Alex Gordon nonsex
At the porno auditions, Leo takes on the aggressor's role as he unleashes his California cock into the muscular asscheeks of a dark-haired dancer wearing nothing but a motorcycle jacket. The dancer first sits on Leo's rockhard dick and then gets on his stomach as Leo plows away.

6. Andy Fuller, Ace
Meanwhile, Andy Fuller has his porno audition with tattooed street kid, Ace, on a bed nearby. The streetwise youth has his sights set on Andy's babysmooth buns, and launches an all-out anal attack on the bed and off of it.

7. Tony Peters, Brian Miles  In yet a third simultaneous porn tryout, a strictly oral trip is performed by two dark-haired New York studs in jockstraps as one keeps the other climbing the walls with a non-stop rim job.

8. Scene 6 & 7 alternate between each other in the edit and then end together here. Finally the three simultaneous porno tryouts come to incredibly timed triple climaxes. The street punk pulls out of Andy Fuller's ass and shoots his wad over Andy's shoulder; the stud rimming his lockstrap-wearing buddy cums all over that rimmedout asshole; and Leo Ford's leather-jacketed partner gets his load fucked right out of him by Leo's expert cocksmanship. When every last drop of cum has been spilt, the porno director stands and points toward Leo, "I want the blond. He's gonna be a big star!"
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