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Falcon - Behind Closed Doors (1988) DVD9
VintageBarebackPre-Condomanaloralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Steven Scarborough

Jim Bentley
Joe Cade
Kevin Wiles
Mike Gregory
Mike Ramsey
Paul Coder
Tom Steele

By Invitation Only. A scorching look behind the closed doors of Falcon House.

1. Mike Ramsey, Paul Coder
A nameless man sends invitations and keys to all his beefy friends. Falcon House becomes the scene for voyeuristic, all-action sexual display. Mike Ramsey, clad in jeans and a leather coat, uses his key to walk in on nude Paul Coder. Paul swallows macho Mike's forceful dick, then Mike takes Paul's butt in spoon position.

2. Mike Gregory, Joe Cade
On his way out Ramsey catches Pretty-boy blond Mike Gregory licking Joe Cade's muscled tits and armpits through another door's keyhole. Larger-than-life close-ups capture sucking of uncut meat and Joe fucking Mike's shaved hole. Mike Gregory takes his turn at fucking Joe. Mike long-dicks Joe in a push-up style.

3. Kevin Wiles, Jim Bentley
Football-clad Tom Steele [in a non-sexual role] spies Kevin Wiles on a weight bench in another room of Falcon House. Tom watches as Jim Bentley deep-throats Kevin from behind. The two horn dogs 69 on the bench. Leading up to Jim finger-fucking Kevin's big-puckered butt hole. In big close-ups, Jim is seen rimming Kevin and then stuffing the hole with very large love beads.

4. Tom Steele, Mike Gregory, Mike Ramsey
Tom Steele gets his cock sucked through his jock by Mike Gregory. The two undress and 69 with Tom topping Gregory's butt over his shoulders. A fully clothed Mike Ramsey reappears in the room with the two and pulls out his cock and forces it down both ends of Gregory. Tom leaves it to Ramsey to finish the job. It's only after Ramsey has left and Gregory is dressed with a wink that we realize that the whole evening was set up by him.

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