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"Leather to Leather" promises on its cover that the flick contains "the most cock ever assembled in one movie." Of course that's an exaggeration, but it certainly delights in using the ones it does have to the max. Director Csaba Borbély always brings out the best in his often-docile Hungarian models, and here he really forces them to let loose. Maybe it's the smell of leather, I don't know, but the guys supplying the cocks work damn hard to make it seem like they are a cast of thousands.
The setting is a leather bar somewhere in Eastern Europe, and a surprisingly clean leather bar at that. There are few patrons, pretty boys in harnesses and leather jockstraps. There's a pole on the small dance floor and some of them certainly know how to work it!
Runway-ready Gianni Nascimento's gyrations get the attention of personal fave Glenn Santoro, and the two are soon alone on the dance floor, Gianni on his knees sucking Glenn. Gianni has just the right mouth for Glenn's thick piece and he's able to gulp most of it greedily, keeping Glenn moaning heavily. The camera whips around the action from lots of angles, which adds to the heat. Then it's Glenn's turn to suck, and he's very able, but as usual playing Mr. Nice Guy and letting Gianni keep the focus of the scene. Of course, when Gianni gets to rim Glenn, bent in half with his legs behind his ears, that's a can't-lose proposition. It helps that Gianni adores the task and has a wicked lapping tongue. Glenn has a softer rimming though, much more of a tickling tease, and Gianni's bulbous ass is ideal for munching. Since Glenn has Gianni pinned against the wall already, he puts on a condom and fucks Gianni, both of them breathless and passionate. Glenn makes it look so easy, and Gianni helps by sticking his rump way far out and letting Glenn all the way in. The camera is so close to Glenn's missionary fuck that the action feels even more vivid, and Glenn never loses his harsh rhythm.
This bar also has some booths, where we find blondish ripped Jake Watson and adorable hairy Mad Stefano beating off with only a wall separating them. Thankfully, that's fixed quickly when Jake slithers to Mad Stefano's cubby and has Mad Stefano go down on him. Their groans attract thin brunet Luke Ramsey, making it a threesome. Mad Stefano is a whiz at inhaling cock, slurping every inch Jake has to offer. Luke adds his mouth to Jake's dick, alternating with Mad Stefano. Jake continues to benefit from Mad Stefano's superb mouth while Luke heads back to eat Mad Stefano's fuzzy butt. He uses a whole lot of spit doing it, so when he and Jake finger Mad Stefano together, his hole is lubed and welcoming. Mad Stefano is the bottom, and he's such a good one that Luke can start the fucking by fucking Mad Stefano upside down! The position is fun to watch and Luke finally perks up with the energy to make it sizzle. Jake watches, jacking in anticipation. Mad Stefano then sits on Luke, the topman now thrusting up into him with jerky deep pushiness. Jake finally gets to fuck Mad Stefano after waiting so patiently. He doesn't have Luke's level of excitement, but it still looks great, especially with Mad Stefano rimming Luke as he's fucked. This marathon scene ends with Luke cumming on Mad Stefano's balls after doing him sideways, Luke spitting from just watching and then Mad Stefano roaring to a huge climax.
Looking the most ruggedly leather-like is Matthew Cameron, a Herculean muscleman with a hairy body and a sexy deep voice ideal for moaning. We find him using both hands to jack off, all alone in a sling. His knows how to work his thick cock well, but it definitely needs more attention. He spends a lot of time waiting for a playmate. Augusto Damon is nearby, also solo. This dashing smooth brunet looks ready to burst when the camera finds him, but he keeps it going for a while. Finally, Matthew starts watching Augusto from a nearby glory hole. He licks his lips and sends his cock through as invitations to Augusto, but the latter stays where he is. The tension mounts because these guys are so hot and they need to connect! But, it's not to be. Augusto does eventually move closer to Matthew, but only for the self-pumping that leads to cumming. This is a very long scene, and fans of solo action should thrill to it, but I couldn't help but feel it was a missed opportunity for two of the movie's sexiest men to get it on.
In the club's bathroom, dirty-minded Marcelo Garcia, a waif-like guy with a very thin goatee, doesn't have to wait long for action, because Mad Stefano is always up for more. Mad Stefano gets down on the floor and sucks Marcelo, who does push-up thrusts into his mouth. Mad Stefano is once again unstoppable, taking this gagging face-fuck with sublime skill. He then relaxes for a while as Marcelo hunkers down on his hefty dick. Marcelo understands Mad Stefano's energy and matches it. However, Mad Stefano roars back to scene-stealing mode with a very zesty rimjob in Marcelo's lightly hair ass. He's a wild man with his tongue, then his fingers and finally his dick. He keeps Marcelo pinned almost upside down for the film's best fucking. There is such enormous excitement coming from Mad Stefano as he slams at Marcelo. There is just no blunting his drive, no matter the position. The scene takes an interesting twist, first when Mad Stefano sits on Marcelo's ass for a while for some peppy munching and then slides himself down on Marcelo's cock. Marcelo rams upward, blasting his entire dick all the way inside Mad Stefano. Marcelo is then given ample time to fuck Mad Stefano to show that he can match the bountiful oomph Mad Stefano has given to the scene.
On the dance floor, the music continues to beat and Glenn and Gianni are still together, going all the way back to nipple play until Glenn is ready to bottom for Gianni. Their zinging chemistry hasn't dimmed, and Gianni turns himself from bad boy bottom into deeply penetrating top. He has a lot of dick to stuff upwards into Glenn, and he makes sure it all fits. Sideways, he's even better, but Glenn makes it so easy with a raised leg and a well-traveled ass. I liked seeing this pair again, and since they haven't lost any power since they last got off together, they certainly crackle.

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