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ChaosMen - 2290 - Clinton & Espen serviced (1080p)
Release date: May 22, 2019

Video Number: 2290

Clinton is Bi, and watched straight porn for both these videos, but he sure looked comfortable sucking dick. He knows what he is doing!

Espen said he has been hooking up with guys more often, and though he is still young, I am not sure which side of the sexuality fence he will land, maybe standing on the actual fence.

I put on a porn for them, and it was easy for them to get into the film, pop their cocks out, and start stroking.

They jerk each-others cocks, and then Clinton dives in to suck on Espen's huge cock. Clinton clearly has cock-sucking experience!

Espen also has increased his cock-sucking skills, especially after working with Vander's thick dick.

We did our best to get the guys to cum at the same time. Espen was supposed to cum first, but you can see Clinton slows down, trying to edge, but blowing a huge load first. Espen was not far behind and then unloads on top of Clinton's load, making a big sticky aftermath!
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