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Puppy Productions - Raw Photo Spread (Bareback)
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Puppy Productions - Raw Photo Spread (Bareback)

All the action that you imagine exists behind every photo shoot! Jasper Emeralds and Will Forbes burn the flash bulbs out with every position as they go for nothing less than an exhibition of cock sucking and bare-ass fucking. Sean McKenzie gets his close-up with Will's fat uncut cock. Will long-dicks his pink, tight hole then Sean takes over the raw-fucking of Will's eager ass. David Heydon zooms in on Scott Davies - first with his camera and then his nine inch uncut cock. David literally fucks and strokes the load right out of Scott.

Later, David is shooting a couple before they exchange their vows. But it's David who soon becomes the focus of their aim when they spooge all over him! That was couple number one. Get ready when David works couple number two into a scalding hot three-way fuck-train. Photography is a hard job - literally!

Five up-close and personal scenes with over two hours of suck, fuck, and shoot. Big cocks with steamy loads fill every sweet aperture. Say cheese!

Cast:  Jasper Emerald, Will Forbes, Sean McKenzie, David Heydon, Scott Davies

Running Time: 125 min
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