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Hard Brit Lads - Brendan James & Luke Pascoe
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Brendan James & Luke Pascoe

Added: Jul 30, 2013
Running Time: 25 minutes, 55 seconds
Studio: Hard Brit Lads

Featuring: Brendan James, Luke Pascoe


If you like thick dicks and intense arse play, you will love this. Athletic lads Brendan and Luke takes turns sucking.. Luke has the fattest dick I ever saw.. They work each other holes with fingers and big thick dildos before fucking each other till they shoot their loads.. Amazing Video.
The lads start off in shiny skimpy sport shorts, bare chested, they have smooth defined tight bodies. They kiss each other, whilst getting a feel of each others bodies, and give each other a good grope, feeling each others big bulges. Luke has an extremely thick cock, and even when its soft in his shorts, its a really fat heavy bulge. Brendan seems to enjoy feeling it, his dick gets hard in his shorts almost instantly.

Brendan gives Lukes nipples a nice licking and sucking whilst massaging his hefty meat, then they switch, and Luke gives Brendans nipples some attention and squeezes his stiff dick straining against the fabric of his shorts. They kiss again, then Luke reaches inside Brendans shorts, and pulls out his cock and balls.

His dick is big, uncut and rock solid. With his balls hanging over the top of his shorts and dick pointing straight up, Brendan reaches inside Lukes shorts, and pulls out his cock. Its still soft, but huge and meaty, super thick, the head covered with ample foreskin. They play with each others cocks for a bit, then Luke drops to his knees.

Taking Brendans cock in his hand, Luke licks and sucks gently on the end, making it throb even harder, taking his time he slowly starts to suck deeper and deeper, with slow, long strokes, and pulls downs Brendans shorts. Brendan lets out some moans of pleasure, then Luke slowly takes his cock right down to the back of his throat, right down to Brendans balls, and holds it there, then gets into some amazing deepthroat action. Brendan fucks his face and throat for a bit too, extremely hot.

As he sucks, Lukes dick gets hard, and Im not kidding, his dick is wrist thick from base to tip. He stands, and they kiss again, and Brendan gets down on his knees to suck Luke. He can barely get his mouth around it, and manages to get about a third of it in his mouth, even though he tries to get more in. He seems to relish the struggle of filling his mouth and throat with such a super thick cock.

They move to the sofa, and Luke sucks Brendan some more, laying on his side as he sucks. He gets the tip and shaft nice and wet with plenty of spit, then gets back to some expert deep sucking, taking his time, effortlessly sucking from the head to the base. Brendan pushes Lukes head down on his cock getting a bit more forceful, and then they switch.

Brendan grips Lukes super girthy dick at the base, he can barely get his hand around it, and licks the end, rolling his tongue over the huge fat head, then takes it in his mouth again to suck it. He really goes for it, loving the challenge, and manages to get pretty deep, and clearly knows how to suck well.

Next, Brendan lays back and Luke starts to play with his hole, fingering him first, then getting a really big thick dildo, lubing it up, and gradually pushing it into his hole. He gets the tip in first and holds it there as Brendan gasps. It makes his cock twitch. Slowly, Luke pushes the dildo all the way in, and begins to gently fuck his arse with it. He takes Brendans cock in his hand and gives it a horny suck as works his hole with the dildo..

They swap round now, and Luke lays back to get his arse played with. Here is where it gets intense.. Brendan pushes two fingers in first, and gives him a hard fingering. Next, he takes a seriously thick flesh coloured dildo and pushes it in, all the way, and starts fucking him with it slowly.. Lukes fat dick really throbs now and Brendan sucks on the tip as he fucks him harder with the dildo, really fucking him hard with it. Then with the dildo all the way inside, Brendan pushes his two fingers in as well, massively stretching Lukes smooth hole. Seriously intense.

With both lads eager to fuck and get fucked, Brendan sits back on the sofa holding his dick up, and Luke rubs his hole against the tip, squatting over it, then slides himself down on it and begins to gently ride it.. He leans back, letting Brendan thrust his dick in and out as he holds Lukes arse, then Luke rides it again some more, and the fucking gets harder and faster.

Next, Brendan is laying on his back with Luke kneeling. He rubs his cock against Brendans hole, then pushes the tip in, making him gasp.. pushing it all the way inside now, Luke starts fucking him slowly, but deep. Brendans cock is rock solid as he gets fucked. Luke holds his leg up to get in even deeper, and continues plowing that arse, working up a real sweat.

With that massive fat meat filling his butt and pounding him, Brendan cant hold off any longer, and starts to jerk himself off.. and moments later, his dick starts pumping out thick white creamy spunk all over his sweaty six pack.. Luke pulls out, also ready to shoot, and stands up, standing over Brendan, jerking off hard, and then.. prepare yourselves.. his dick squirts out jet after jet of hot cum so powerful it shoots well over a meter, showering Brendan with sticky jizz..

He squeezes out the last few drops over Brendans cum soaked body, then kneels down, laying his meaty dick over Brendans, still hard and covered in spunk.

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