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Bel Ami - Frisky Summer 4 - Summer Loves (2002) mp4
analoralEuropeangeneral hardcorecondoms
director George Duroy

Adam Cartier
Adrian Kinski
Chris Cameron
Daniel Avedon
Danny Saradon
Dano Sulik
Filip Olivier
Gilles Marais
Julian Armanis
Ken Russel
Marcel Bouvier
Oliver Krist
Paolo Estefan
Patrik Zsolt
Pierre Delon
Robbie Martin
Sebastian Bonnet
Tim Hamilton
Tommy Alvarez

Bathed in the shimmering summer light, the six episodes in “Frisky Summer 4” are all happy, playful and joyful expressions of youthful sexuality. With no specific story, “Frisky Summer 4” follows in the carefree mood and unobtrusive style of its best-selling predecessors which none of Bel Ami's imitators have succeeded in replicating. Where Bel Ami is concerned, “Frisky Summer” lasts all year long.

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