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Baby Steps 2015 720p
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Baby Steps (2015)

Navigating queer, generational and intercultural conflicts in a light yet poignant manner, the film is thematically reminiscent of Wedding Banquet, and also stars veteran actress Kuei Ah Lei in the role of a stubborn mother struggling to accept her son's sexuality.

Cheng himself plays the son Danny, who lives in Los Angeles with his partner, and the two are looking to start a family. When Mrs. Lee learns she might get a grandchild, she flies over from Taipei and tries to take over the process of finding a surrogate.

Released: 2015
Runtime: 102 minutes
Director: 鄭伯昱 Zheng Bo Yu (Barney Cheng)

Category: Drama, Comedy
Language: Mandarin, English
Subtitles: English for Mandarin parts

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