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Idol Universe (1994) Catalina C1R
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Chi Chi LaRue

Bo Summers
Joshua Sterling
Marc Saber
Max Stone
Randy Mixer
Sergio Banderas
Tony Idol
Vic Hall

Take a stellar trip with Catalina's newcomer of the year for 1994, Tony Idol, as he leads you bounding into his Idol Universe.
Travel with Tony to see the night sky sparkle as man-stars collide in hard-pounding, inter-manetary action.
Watch as Tony's heavenly body rises again and again over the hardcore horizon... following his star until it shoots out of this world and into an Idol Universe.

1. Sergio Banderas solo, Vic Hall, Max Stone
Max Stone and Vic Hall go for in the kitchen of Tony Idol's restaurant, Sergio Banderas watches and strokes himself.

2. Bo Summers, Tony Idol
Tony and his boyfriend Bo Summers have a love-in at home.

3. Marc Saber, Joshua Sterling
Joshua Sterling and gives Marc Saber what he's been looking for.

4. Randy Mixer, Tony Idol
Security Guard Randy Mixer gets it on with his boss, Tony.
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