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Shotgun Tied And Tortured 512x384 1h00m09s avi
BDSMbondageCBTchainselectro-stimextreme painleatheranal action (if any) is always 'safe sex'
TIED AND TORTURED 512x384 1h00m09s AVI 499 mbs

title: Tied And Tortured
distributor: Shotgun Video
category: General Hardcore
cast: Michael Allen, Peter McNab, Roger of San Francisco

description: Shotgun continues to receive applications from attractive and tough newcomers to be in our videos. These aren't the usual plucked and preened Malibu Barbies that seem to be in style in the mainstream. Older, well-built, masculine men into serious S&M are what we're looking for and Peter McNab is a perfect example. Here is someone who enjoys his pain and even hangs on through more torture to get his top off after he's shot his load. Even though his cries of pain are obviously quite genuine, you can tell by the cheerful talk after the torture that he got exactly what he asked for.

Then Michael Allen from Assaulted Nuts gets electrified up to and beyond his limits. He tries to come past the rising current but is too proud to admit that it hurts him too much for him to be able to shoot. When he finally does break down and beg for mercy you can tell he really means it. We like our men sincere! During a short break it is explained to him that he will have to come to make the next round of shocks stop. It is then turned on and increased twice as fast and Michael has a racking load forced out of him.

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