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Studmall - Pigs At Play
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"Pigs at Play" is three scenes of Oink!'s nastiest guys playing around. See our self-sucking pig fuck his hole and perform just for you. In scene two, Brian-Mark returns to get worked over by a hot Italian stud. The video cums to a climax when five horny guys get together for a pig fest.
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By virtue of their name, Oink Video is all about pigs, and piggy behavior is what you get in Pigs at Play. The movie starts with a horse hung lean and muscular guy working his 10 inch cock and doing all sorts of things with it. He first tries to fuck himself with it, but it's soon clear that his semi-erect cock isn't going to give him the kind of anal stimulation he desires.
So he starts working a huge fucking dildo, giving himself a nice smooth fuck with the monster toy. Dildo guy then flips over and starts licking and sucking the head of his own dick. He fucks himself some more, and then shoots his load into his own hungry mouth.
In scene two, Chicago's most notorious sex pig Brian-Mark, spies a muscle man with a fat cock. He's quickly on his knees sucking the guy like there's no tomorrow. But Brian-Mark's looking for rank asshole, and he dives in face first practically down to his neck in smelly muscle ass.
The stud fucks the hell out of Brian-Mark, pulls out, shoots his load all over the pig, and then shoves his cummy cock back in eliciting a squeal of delight from him. Of course, that's not enough for Brian-Mark, as muscle boy scoops a little spunk up with his fingers, and drips it into the pig's insatiable hole.
The grand finale is a pig's dream, as we start first with a fat cocked daddy in a sling. He gets played with and sucked a little by a black muscle stud. Then two more furry daddy types are added, and a piggy little suckfest ensues.
Now it's time for the fucking, and sling daddy becomes the object of attention for the other three, as they take turns fucking the fat cock bottom. He takes it raw from both ends getting fucked by three different guys, and swallowing a huge load of black cum in the process.
For all you pigs in training, this video will show you how it's done.
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