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MenOver30 - 'Boyfriends in Blankets' - Bryce Evans and Landon Conrad
MenOver30MO30Bryce EvansLandon Conradcondomhunksmuscleblond
Bryce is still sleeping while Landon is making him breakfast in bed. Bryce hears his alarm go off and springs up into action thinking he's late for work. Landon sees him and tells him to relax, that it's Saturday, his day off, and that they both are going to enjoy staying in bed all day. Bryce, excited that he doesn't work, lays back down to Landon feeding him bite after bite of yummy fruit and oatmeal. Breakfast leads right into some hot intimate passion with them kissing, touching and rolling around in the bed. These two muscle hunks have great sexy cocks and Landon is ready to go deep inside Bryce's nice tight hole. Landon goes easy on his lover as they make passionate sex and the energy builds up and up until they both release their morning loads.

Original Upload 07/06/2015 - ric58hard
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