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ChaosMen- Vander Bareback Pack 3 (Full 1080p)
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My third and final chapter pack Of Vander contains 6 Full HD 1080p Bareback video's. The second Pack is here:

Details of this Pack video's are:

CM1731 Claudio & Vander RAW

Release date: February 26, 2016

Video Number: 1731 Running Time: 35 Mins

Claudio said he was ready to try some raw action. I wanted to put him with one of my best. For a guy who has done video with dudes before, he seemed pretty nervous. I knew Vander would make him feel at ease.

After some kissing, Vander goes after his pits. He had a tiny bit of funk going on, so it turned Vander on to no end. He gets down on his knees and sucks Claudio's cock till he is bone hard.

It is hot to see Claudio getting serviced, but I think it is even hotter seeing him take Vander's thick cock in his mouth. Talk about jaw stretching! He does his best to swallow all over Vander's cock!

Vander returns the favor by rimming his hole. You can tell Vander is tempted to put his cock in his perfect hole, but as far we could tell, Claudio was not keen on getting fucked. For those few moments, I am hoping that it is a glimpse of the future. Would love to see Claudio get fucked!

They 69 for a while, but Vander wants his hard dick inside him. He rides Claudio's uncut cock, while stroking his own. We even get some nice side-saddle action as Vander tries to milk a load out of Claudio's cock.

Claudio then fucks Vander on his back. You can tell he is an amazing Top. Vander's cock was pre-cumming the entire time. I think Claudio realized he could fuck really aggressively, so he worked up a sweat while pounding Vander's hole.

He flips him on over and fucks him standing doggie-style. He slides his cock in and out until Vander dumps his load.

Claudio shoots his load onto Vander's hole, then plunges his cock in, juicing his hole perfectly.

CM1755 Adam Cub & Vander RAW

Release date: April 22, 2016

Video Number: 1755 Running Time: 25 Mins

I am still trying to push Adam Cub's boundaries. So far it has been tough.

Vander works great with everyone, so I thought I would use him as a secret weapon.

The first part of the video Adam is looking around and struggling to watch his dick get sucked. His cock sure doesn't have a problem with it. It is ironic that his body is totally in the game. His cock gets hard easily, and he cums pretty much on command. But his brain is definitely trying to come to terms with what is amazing body can do.

And that body IS amazing. He has so much mass and those pecs bulge in all the right places. He is Type 1 diabetic, so he doesn't mess around with any steroids. That body is all diet, hard work, and of course, genetics.

Vander does not mind servicing a hot straight guy. He gets in there, and gets Adam's cock hard fast. He deep throats Adam's cock easily, impressing Adam with his skills. Vander is stroking his own hard cock, and offers Adam to suck it. No go yet as he smiles and politely declines.

But that didn't stop him from stroking it, and Adam is definitely impressed by how fat Vander's cock is.

Vander tries to rim him, but he is so sensitive and ticklish that he just goes back to sucking his cock. This guy is going to be a hard nut to crack!

Then Adam stands up and fucks Vander's face aggressively. Vander is in piggy bottom nirvana!

Adam is an excellent top for sure! Got to give him high marks for those skills! He fucks Vander like a pro in 4 positions, and he never wavers. He also looks like he is more present in this part of the video, surrendering to how good it feels to fuck Vander.

Vander nuts easily on his back while Adam's load goes wild for the first couple squirts, and then manages to dump the rest inside Vander.

Vander, like a good bottom boy, cleans off cum-soaked cock!

CM1762 Shepherd & Vander RAW

Release date: May 13, 2016

Video Number: 1762 Running Time: 27 Mins

Come on, you knew who I would put Shepherd with for his first raw scene!

One look at him and I knew he could be Vander's little bro.

It was a bit musky in the room that day. Though I do want to say that Vander is not a musky boy all the time. Only on set when the guys tend to not wear deodorant because it shows on camera does he get a little ripe. Shepherd is the same way.

Shepherd love the way Vander smelled and you can tell that he really let himself get into this scene. He is passionate and enthusiastic, not mention also astounded at how thick Vander's cock is!

I love that he just dove in. Kissing and sucking like he had been starving for this kind of action. He identifies as straight, but clearly this is a Bi guy. Vander also shows him how amazing he gives head. Shepherd is blown away, literally, by his oral skills.

Vander buries his tongue into Shepherd furry hole too, spreading his cheeks wide so we get a great view.

They 69 suck each other, and I can't decide which dude was hungrier than the other.

Shepherd fucks Vander doggie-style and wow, you can see just how skilled he is at Topping! His skin is not in great shape, but his vibe is so hot that I think you can overlook it.

He even fucks Vander side-by-side. Very challenging to do, but he fucked him while playing with his cock and kissing him.

Shepherd gets him on his back and rams his hole, also continuously playing with his buddy's cock to keep him happy.

Vander busts a huge load, while Shepherd does a perfect job of coating Vander's hole with a stripe of cum, and dumping the rest inside.

Vander cleans his cock, licking and eating all that delicious cum!

CM1784 Rylan & Vander RAW

Release date: June 17, 2016

Video Number: 1784 Running Time: 37 Mins

After Rylan came in and did a fantastic job with Ulysses, I wanted to pair him with someone who would love to sit on his fat long dick. Ulysses can of course bottom, but I thought Rylan might have more of a 'advanced' cock for him.

Vander accepted the challenge to take on Rylan's cock, and it was instant chemistry!

Both are really into each other, but are relaxed, taking their time to please each other.

I don't t think Rylan was expecting to encounter a cock that rivals his own, and you can tell he was impressed. He tried to get as much of it down his throat as he could.

Vander had no problems showing Rylan that he could give as well as take, and easily slid his cock down his throat.

Rylan stoops over Vander, letting him rim his hole, which always gets Vander extra horny. Rylan spins around and sucks on his cock, while letter Vander make a meal of his ass.

After getting Vander's hole all wet, Rylan slides his dick deep inside of him. Rylan's cock is enormous, and it is about time we got to see it spreading some ass cheeks apart!

Vander climbs on top of him, riding him and working his cock with his hole.

Then it was time to see if Rylan could handle Vander's thick cock. Vander did have to take it slow at first, pausing to eat his hole, but he eventually wedged it in and was able to fuck the hell out of him. This video has a double internal cum shot!

Vander fucks Rylan until he is cuming and pulls out long enough to give us some jizz on the outside. It is very rare for these guys to fuck until they cum, but I got it twice on this video. Rylan then breeds Vander's hole, and only a small amount of cum falls out. You guys ask for these internals, but we always run the risk of them not being able to show they came, or well, it doesn't ooze out cleanly.

With both guys willing to just let the other rail on them until they busted, this video is twice as hot for those who like guys who dump their load deep inside!

CM1854 Amador & Antonio Cervone & Vander TagTeam RAW

Release date: November 25, 2016

Video Number: 1854 Running Time: 35 Mins

I picked 3 guys who all have a history of amazing TagTeam action!

So much to love in this video! Flip-fucking! Daisy-chain fucking! Double penetration! Double creampie! You won't know which moment to time your own cum shot too!

I know I have said this about the other TagTeam videos this year, but they just keep getting better and better!

My favorite moment is watching Vander hammer Antonio's already juiced hole until he busts his load all over his creamy hole!

What's your favorite moment!?

CM2136 Mason Lear & Vander RAW

Release date: June 15, 2018

Video Number: 2136 Running Time: 32 Mins

Nervous first-timers are always fun to watch as they expand and discover the joys of sex with men.

But, I do try to get some Pro match-ups to balance it out.

And these two guys are definitely professionally skilled at what they do. They actually get down to fucking right away, as Mason really wanted to eat Vander's ass and plunge his cock in it as soon as possible.

Their energy is off-the-hook!

Some of you may have been following Vander and his adventures with Poppers. If you are a fan of popperbating, there is a Director's Cut over at Sorry I can't put it on the main site.

This video still has all the hottest action. From Ass-to-Mouth, hungry rimming, and TWO creampies. Both guys breed each other's asses, while Vander cums a second time when Mason fills him up with his jizz!

I am sure this video will be considered one of the best of 2018!

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