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MormonBoyz - Elder Ingles - Disciplinary Action - President Lee
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Elder Ingles made his way to the temple nervously, not quite sure if he was in trouble. He’d been told somewhat ominously to show up and to do what was asked of him, but he couldn’t tell if this was part of what would be expected during his induction or not.

Things started to become more clear when he was asked to strip down to his garments in the temple basement, however. He put his clothes away, folding them neatly on top of one another before proceeding into a private, gothic looking room.

At least, in his mind, it was an other world place. It was dark and big, without much light by which to see. He was instructed to close his eyes and kneel with his arms behind him. It wasn’t too dissimilar from when his hands had been bound before by Bishop Hart, only this time, everything felt different.  There wasn’t a warm flood of light, and the surrender of control was total.

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