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Black Breeders - Retro Raw - Sc 1 to 5
BAREBACKanaloralgroup sex
RETRO RAW Scenes 1-5, all 1280x720, 1800Kbps, 29.97fps

1. Lance Longwood, Special K, Xavier Skye - Retro Raw,  2018-02-16, Run Time: 08:42
There was a time when you couldn't cross the street in NYC without stumbling across a spot where dudes were fucking! Whether a bathhouse, tearoom, park, or alley, Bruthas were always on the cruise for trade. RETRO RAW takes you back to that time, and reminds us all of the "good ole' raw days"! This flick kicks off with Lance heading to the bathhouse after the bar. While soaping up he spots K getting some of Xavier's in the steam room, and that helps him harden up. He checked them out in the bar, but now he's getting an up close and personal view!

2. Anu Juhan, Jai Sean, Lance Longwood, Special K., Xavier Skye - The Bar, the Baths and Beyond (Retro Raw 2) 2018-02-23  Run Time: 24:07
Lance, K, and Xavier are bringing the steam from the sauna to the locker room, with both boys wanting (and getting) some of the Longwood! Lance drops a nut in the hole, but being the good Daddy he is he keeps fucking until both boys release rivers of nut! Meanwhile, Anu and Jai have shut down the bar but are getting ready to start a private after-hours party.

3. Anu Juhan, Jai Sean, Leon Masters, Tancredo Buff - The Big Bare Apple (Retro Raw 3) 2018-03-09 Run Time: 18:48
Jai is still digging in Anu all over the bar in every position. Meanwhile, Leon and Tancredo meet up again at the dirty movie house and get to it the way only Daddies can do it!

4. Anu Juhan, Jai Sean, Leon Masters, Tancredo Buff - Shut It Down (Retro Raw 4) 2018-03-23 Run Time: 16:43
The Daddies you love to see get fucked are still going...and it doesn't stop until cum ends up in ass and mouth. This is NYC...raw and raunchy!

5. Anu Juhan, Lance Longwood, Tancredo Buff - Sunrise Session (Retro Raw 5) 2018-03-30 Run Time: 20:18
Anu shuts down the bar; shuts down Jai; and is still in the mood for a little action. Lance and Tancredo both scored some ass earlier but are up for one more session. When the three meet up it's nothing but trouble!
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